What’s the Best BBCOR Bat for 2015?

The BBCOR standard for baseball bats has become a universally-accepted standard at the college and high school levels. As BBCOR starts to make its way into youth leagues, it has become extremely important that players and parents become familiar with the top rated gear. Any player who wants to get the most distance and accuracy out of every swing needs to have the best equipment in their hands. Here are our picks for the top BBCOR bats on the market so you can decide which one can elevate your game.

Easton 2015 BB15MK Mako Comp

easton mako bb15mk bbcor

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A discussion about the best BBCOR bats is incomplete without including an Easton bat and the BB15MK is the BBCOR bat by Easton that will have players talking. Easton has put its Diamond grip on the BB15MK for optimum accuracy and comfort. With Easton’s reputation for a perfectly balanced bat and this bat’s engineered barrel, every hitter is destined to make perfect contact every time.

When it comes to the very best BBCOR bat, it is hard to beat the Easton BB15MK. While DeMarini and Marucci engineer some beautiful bats, Easton is one of the first companies to start making BBCOR bats and Easton has this standard down to a science.

All three of these bats will help you to get the very best from your BBCOR play, but when you are ready to make sweet contact and get the best results, then look into the Easton BB15MK. Easton is very good at protecting its reputation for perfection and this is the bat that you will be seeing all over BBCOR fields in 2015 and beyond.

Marucci Cat6 2015 BBCOR

marucci cat 6 bbcor 2015

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Marucci never stops innovating the art of hitting a baseball and all of their new innovations have been put into the Cat6 BBCOR bat. The anti-vibration technology in the knob of the handle is patented and just one of the unique features Marucci offers with this bat. The barrel has been designed to reduce the ring after contact, which helps to make this bat very comfortable to use.

The design of the Cat6 BBCOR bat was inspired by bats used at the professional level, but modifying that technology to meet BBCOR standards. The one-piece construction of this bat, made from lightweight allow, makes this the bat that BBCOR players will want to have.

DeMarini 2015 NVS Vexxum BBCOR

demarini nvs vexxum bbcor

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DeMarini is one of those companies that has been taking the BBCOR standards and running with them. The engineers at DeMarini are constantly finding new ways to tweak the specifications of their products to meet the standard, but still deliver the optimum performance we expect from DeMarini bats.

With the 2015 NVS Vexxum BBCOR bat, DeMarini has set the bar extremely high for any other manufacturer who wants to try and dominate the industry. The wide weave pattern in the handle makes it more comfortable to grip and easier to swing right through the ball. The D-cap has been designed to absorb the vibrations at impact and make contact that much smoother.

DeMarini developed the New Velocity System (NVS) to give hitters a perfect balance between the barrel and the handle. By using a 50/50 materials composition ratio, DeMarini has created a BBCOR bat that is easy to swing and solid at the point of contact.