Top youth bats of 2014

Recap – Top 5 Youth Bats of 2014

Top youth bats of 2014As we move into the new year of 2015 and continue to update the site with new equipment and reviews, it’s time to make room for all of the best new gear on our main list. 2014 was a killer year for Easton and DeMarini, who were in fierce competition with their top bats. While the choice may simply boil down to brand loyalty, let’s take a look at some of the top performers of the year.

Here’s our recap of the top 5 hottest bats for youth players in 2014!

Overall, there may not be simply one baseball bat that is leaps and bounds above the others; the top five bats on this list are all great pieces of equipment and will all perform well in the right hands.

Easton’s Mako comes in at number one, but the DeMarini CF6 is right on par with the Mako in terms of performance. For example, both the Mako and the CF6 are very advanced in their engineering and use high end alloys, they both have very big sweet spots and advanced handles which do a great job at taming unwanted vibrations.

The Mako is generally considered to swing a little lighter though, which is what makes it such an enjoyable bat to play with – just about any size player can pick it up and do well with it. This versatility is what puts it at number one on the list. Some power hitters may prefer the CF6 over the Mako though, as they may see the ball fly a little further if they can swing the CF6 fast enough.

#1 – 2014 Easton Mako

Easton Mako YB14MK Youth Baseball Bat
2014 Easton Mako – Click for Full Review!

#2 – 2014 DeMarini CF6

DeMarini CF6 WTDXCFL Youth Baseball Bat
2014 DeMarini CF6 – Click for Full Review!

At number three on the list is Easton’s XL1, which is another high-end Easton bat. What sets the XL1 apart from the Mako is that it has an even larger barrel and sweet spot. It is also more end loaded which is preferred by larger players who, if they use it to their advantage, would be able to hit the ball even farther than the Mako.

Other than just taking some getting used to though, the only other potential drawback of the XL1 is that it might hurt a bit if the ball makes contact in the wrong place.

#3 – 2014 Easton XL1

Easton 2014 XL1
2014 Easton XL1 – Click for Full Review!


Coming in at forth place on the list is the DeMarini Vexxum. At a price point well below the bats which claim the first few spots on the list, the Vexxum is made of x10 alloy and a very light end cap, making it a comfortable bat to swing that nearly any player will enjoy. I firmly believe this bat to be a great value and I’ve also got plenty if experience with it as it quickly became a favorite on my own son’s team.

#4 – 2014 DeMarini Vexxum

DeMarini Vexxum WTDXVXL Youth Baseball Bat
2014 DeMarini Vexxum – Click for Full Review!

Last on the top five list is the Anderson TechZilla XP. This is another bat that is great for some but not so great for others. Performance-wise, the TechZilla will hold its own against a Mako or a CF6 (which are all in the same price range), however it does have a reputation for being on the heavy side of the spectrum. Even though it ranks a little lower on the list for not being as versatile as some of the others, the general consensus of the TechZilla is sure to send the ball flying if you can get used to swinging it.

#5 – 2014 Anderson Techzilla XP

Anderson TechZilla XP Youth Baseball Bat
2014 Anderson TechZilla XP – Click for Full Review!

And there we have it! 2014 has been a great year in terms of performance, technology, and value. Although the new 2015 youth bats are becoming available and offer some interesting new technology, these top 5 bats of 2014 are all a sure thing when it comes to performance. Now might even be a great time to snag a good deal!

What do you guys think? Did we miss any hidden gems from the 2014 lineup that deserve a spot on the top??