Article: Top 10 Worst Baseball Injuries

Top 10 Worst Baseball Injuries – Try Not to Cringe!

When a baseball player gets hurt, it is there for everyone to see.

The fact that baseball injuries are so visible is one of the things that makes their impact of fans so dramatic.

The other reason baseball injuries get so much press is because they tend to be extremely violent events in a game that is not based on violent actions.

Here are our picks for the top 10 of the worst injuries in major league baseball!

Tony Saunders and His Pitching Arm

Most people who watch baseball forget just how important it is for pitchers to have the right mechanics.

Tony Saunders of the Tampa Bay Rays learned in 1999 that one wrong move during a pitch could ruin a career.

While pitching to the Texas Rangers, Saunders threw a pitch and dropped to the mound in excruciating pain.

It turns out that he broke a bone in his throwing arm during his pitching motion.

He tried to come back from the injury the next season, but broke his pitching arm again during his pitching motion.

Before he even had a chance to get his career off the ground, Tony Saunders was forced to retire.

Pete Rose Plows Into Ray Fosse

Baseball All-Star games are supposed to be fun exhibitions where the players get a chance to be publicly recognized for their excellent play.

In the 1970 All-Star game, someone forgot to tell Pete Rose that it was all just for fun.

Pete Rose was known as a fierce competitor, and he took things too far when he bowled over catcher Ray Fosse in the All-Star game.

The accident left Fosse with a shoulder injury that ruined his career, and Rose with a reputation for being a little overzealous.

Bobby Valentine’s Career-Ending Baseball Injury

Younger baseball fans know Bobby Valentine as a popular baseball manager, but Valentine had a promising career in MLB that was cut short by a freak accident.

While trying to scale the home run fence in Anaheim Stadium in 1973, Valentine got his metal cleat caught in the chain link fence and broke his leg in several places. He would never play again.

Valentine’s injury has affected the development of baseball cleats and home run fences.

You no longer see chain link home run fences at the MLB level, and metal cleats are rarely used anymore.

Tim Hudson’s Cringy Ankle Accident

Tim Hudson of the Atlanta Braves suffered an especially brutal accident when a member of the opposing Cardinals runs directly into Hudson’s ankle with his cleats, and this one is hard to watch.

The accident occurred in the 8th inning and immediately left Hudson rolling on the ground in pain.

Brian Roberts Defies The Odds

Not every horrific baseball injury claims the career of the victim.

In 2005, Brian Roberts had his arm bent completely behind his back as he was trying to tag New York Yankee Bubba Crosby out at first base.

The injury was not only very painful, but it looked gruesome as well.

In 2006, Roberts came back and played 138 games and batted .286.

Despite the lingering pain from his injury, Brian Roberts did not allow that injury to determine his baseball future.

Doc Powers and His Horrific Injury

Sometimes the most innocent looking injuries can turn out to have the worst consequences.

Catcher Doc Powers of the Oakland Athletics was chasing a foul ball behind home plate when he slammed into the wall.

While the injury looked painful, no one suspected that it was that serious.

The problem with Doc’s injury was the damage that people could not see.

After a month of dealing with internal bleeding issues and going through several surgeries, Doc Powers passed away due to his injury.

The Tragedy Of Dave Dravecky

San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky learned in 1988 that he had a malignant tumor in his pitching arm that needed to be removed.

After undergoing surgery, Dravecky made the long trip back to the minors, only to break his arm while pitching in a game against the Montreal Expos.

Once again, Dravecky made a return to the game only to have his arm broken while celebrating the Giants’ win in the NLCS.

When Dravecky underwent surgery for his arm, it was discovered that his cancer had come out of remission.

He survived his ordeal with cancer and went on to become a motivational speaker.

Chris Snyder’s Man Area

Most guys know the pain of getting hit in the groin, but what most men do not know is that it is possible to break certain parts of the man area with the right amount of impact.

Chris Snyder was a catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks who took a foul tip off of his groin area and broke his testicle.

He was able to resume his career after he recovered.

Ray Fosse Cannot Win with Another Baseball Injury

In 1978, Ray Fosse was still attempting to get back his hitting form after the injury sustained at the hands of Pete Rose eight years earlier.

While running to first base during training camp prior to the 1978 season, Fosse stepped in a hole in the baseline and tore several ligaments in his leg.

He tried coming back in 1979, but ended his career when the 1979 campaign was over.

Jason Kendall Is Made Of Stronger Stuff

See the gruesome photo here:

Catcher Jason Kendall enjoyed a long and successful career in the majors, but it almost did not work out that way early in his career.

In 1999, just two years into his career, Kendall dislocated his ankle so badly that the bone stuck out of his sock.

Despite the injury, Kendall would go on to have a 15-year career that included three trips to the playoffs.

Worst Baseball Injuries – Compilation Video

If you haven’t gotten your fill, check out the video above – it is full of the most painful baseball injuries I’ve ever seen.

Baseball is often seen as a leisurely game by people who have never played it.

But true fans and players know that anything can happen during a baseball game, and those results could be devastating.