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Pros: Marucci has somehow found a way to improve on their very popular Cat 5 model. The Cat 6 is a balanced BBCOR bat that is comfortable in the hands of most players who are lucky enough to own one.
Cons: While this bat gets overwhelmingly positive reviews, some have reported that it can get scratched from dirt.

The Marucci Cat 6 is a great BBCOR bat that is a great fit for most playersWhen Marucci unleashed the Cat 5 BBCOR bat onto the marketplace, it instantly became popular because of its balanced design and broad sweet spot. As long as you had the proper grip on your bat and had a good swing, the Cat 5 BBCOR was going to put that ball exactly where you wanted it. The Cat 5 was based on the kind of design philosophy of a perfectly balanced swing that has driven all of the other Marucci designs. The idea that Marucci could somehow improve on the Cat 5 was something that came up as a point of conversation all over the Internet. In response, Marucci has now released the Cat 6 BBCOR bat and it has everything hitters loved about the Cat 5 and then some. The most important features have been enhanced and Marucci continues to show why it is considered one of the leaders in new bat technology. Check the current price of the Marucci Cat 6 on Amazon here.


The Basics

The barrel design on the Cat 6 has been extended and the sweet spot has been enhanced, but the Cat 6 still remains a certified and legal BBCOR bat in almost every league in the country. The extended barrel has also helped Marucci to bring even more balance to the Cat 6 and make it easier to swing. Everything that hitters felt could not be improved in the Cat 5 has been significantly enhanced in the Cat 6, which makes this the bat you must have.

Another look at the Cat 6 BBCOR

Marucci Toughness

The Cat 6 BBCOR bat is made from Marucci’s iconic single-piece construction using a newer allow that makes the bat lighter, but stronger. The bat only weighs two pounds, which makes it one of the lightest bats on the market. But, since it is a Marucci, you know that you can make contact and your bat will be up to the challenge each and every time.

Added Comfort

If there is one element of bat design that Marucci has consistently been working on for many years now, it is a way to make swinging the bat and making contact more comfortable. With metal and composite bats, hitting out of the sweet spot can sting and possibly even cause injury to the hitter’s wrists and hands. Marucci has added some new design elements to the Cat 6 BBCOR that help to make the act of hitting the ball much more comfortable.

Marucci has developed a new knob design that absorbs the impact and reduces vibration, even if the contact is off the sweet spot. The technology is so groundbreaking that Marucci has patented it and included it in the Cat 6. The extended barrel on the Cat 6 opens up the sweet spot even more and makes it much less likely that you will make contact in a way that will send those bad vibrations up and down your arms.

The Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR bat is inspired by the newer designs going into professional bats around the world. It is a combination of everything that Marucci knows about hitting and the features you need to make good contact. With the Cat 6, Marucci has officially enhanced the Cat 5 and that can only make hitters wonder what Marucci will do for an encore. This is the bat you need when making the right contact with each swing matters to you.