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Pros: This is a fast, comfortable bat that will add to your game from day one. It is well designed and accommodates a wide range of players due to its balanced design and construction.
Cons: Easton really has done a great job on this one - you'll be hard pressed to find a bad review.

Top rated big barrel bat - 2015 Easton S3Easton has always been a respected name in the big barrel world and the SL15S310 is going to help advance that cause and bring a lot of people to Easton’s products. Easton’s confidence in its engineering has allowed it to create a one-piece big barrel bat that will allow any senior hitter to make good contact and get good results. With this bat, you can place the ball where you want and really make an impact at the plate.




Easton’s Blend Of The Right Materials

The success of the Sl15S310 comes down to the composite metal blend Easton uses to maximize the one-piece construction process. Easton has spent years developing a very specific blend of metals that come together to create the barrel of the SL15S310. By using a blend of the best metals, Easton is able to give hitters a much larger sweet spot and a better sense of control. The one-piece construction and blend of metals also means that the SL15S310 is one of the most durable big barrel bats on the market.

A Long List Of Approvals

Easton understands the need to develop bats that are universally accepted by leagues throughout the country. That is why the list of approvals for the SL15S310 includes:

  • Little League
  • Babe Ruth Baseball
  • AABC

This is a bat that is universally accepted by the baseball world, which means that it meets all of the technical specifications for your league as well. When you want to get the most out of your bat, you should turn to the Easton SL15S310 big barrel.

Precision Design

The handle on the SL15S310 is 29/32-inch in diameter, which makes it thin and comfortable. The barrel has a diameter of 2 5/8-inch, which has been one of Easton’s calling cards for years. The expertly tapered barrel and handle give you control and, just as importantly, make each contact feel comfortable.

The way the SL15S310 is designed helps to create a low MOI, which allows you to generate a lot more speed in your swing. As the Easton engineers found out years ago, a bat needs to be more than just light to be effective. In order for a bat to be truly potent, it needs to be perfectly balanced and precisely designed. Those years of design lessons have culminated into the SL15S310 and now big barrel hitters can benefit from the difference that experience makes.

When you play with a big barrel bat, you need a lot of elements working in your favor to make the best possible contact. With the Easton SL15S310, you get the feel of perfect balance and the power of one-piece design working in your favor. The durability of this bat comes from Easton’s many years of engineering and experience. When you need a big barrel bat to give you the best possible results, then you need to grab the SL15S310 and see how much you can really get from one of the best bats available.