2016 Combat Maxum Youth Baseball BatCombat has always taken simple bat manufacturing ideas and found their own unique way to improve them. For example, the 2016 Maxum is a simple, single-piece construction bat that offers a lot of size options, and has features that most other youth bats do not offer.

When you look at the 2016 Combat Maxum, you can see the enhanced sweet spot and the tapered look that leads to a well-constructed handle. But when your youth hitter puts the Maxum in their hands, that is when they will really feel the difference. For it’s price, it really gives DeMarini and Easton a run for their money. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Quality Construction The Maxum Way

As we mentioned previously, the entire line of Combat Maxum bats are made from a single-piece construction process that makes them very rigid and durable. When your hitter makes contact with the Maxum, it does not give the kind of snap that composite bats have. The Maxum is all about control, and your hitter gets that control thanks to the rigid construction.

Combat also uses a single wall construction process that eliminates the layers most composite bats have. A single wall on a youth bat means that all of the energy at the point of contact is used to get the best results possible. The -12 drop weight helps to create excellent balance and control for a youth hitter, and the 2 1/4-inch diameter barrel gives your youth hitter a comforting sense of familiarity when swinging the Maxum.

How The Maxum Stands Out From The Rest

The most prominent feature on the Combat Maxum is its sweet spot, which is evident from the first time you look at it. But when you put the Maxum side by side with something like the DeMarini CF8, then the difference becomes really evident. The Maxum has the largest sweet spot in the youth bat industry, but Combat was very careful to make sure that the Maxum was still a comfortable bat to swing to go along with the extended sweet spot.

The engineering that went into the Maxum to create a balanced -12 bat with an enhanced sweet spot was significant. The taper towards the handle starts later than it does on other bats, and that has the potential to create an imbalance in the entire construction. But Combat scientifically designed the taper from the barrel to the handle to make sure that the bat remains balanced. The result is that your youth hitter can make contact almost anywhere on the barrel or taper on the Maxum and still get amazing results.

The swing weight in the Maxum is also the lightest that Combat has ever created by around one ounce. Anyone who has watched or played the youth baseball game in the past understands the significance of a light bat. One ounce can make a huge difference, and the Maxum has been able to save that ounce and deliver control to youth hitters that rivals any other bat that is out there.

The trick in offering a lighter bat with a longer sweet spot is creating something that is durable and consistent. Thanks to the single-piece construction used to make the Maxum, Combat was able to make sure that the Maxum could stand up to the rigors of a youth baseball season and allow parents to get the most from their investment. The Maxum is a bat that is the result of a significant amount of observation and engineering that has come together to create an ideal hitting tool for youth hitters at every level.

Users Are Raving About The Maxum

When you read user reviews of the Combat Maxum, you can get a better idea of how the bat performs in game situations. Many youth hitters talk about how the extended sweet spot makes those inside pitches easier to hit, while other are impressed with the balance between the extended length of the sweet spot and the light weight of the Maxum.

Another interesting angle about user feedback on the Combat Maxum is how popular it is among younger players. Many comments from parents ages seven and up talk about how the smaller diameter on the Maxum and extended sweet spot combine to make a bat that younger players can use to develop a better swing. Many parents and players are also commenting on the look of the Maxum and how the design makes the bat stand out from all of the others in the dugout.

Using Colors To Coordinate The Combat Maxum

Combat has been using a color-coded system for its bat sizes for some time now, and it is a system that benefits hitters and their parents. Not only can hitters easily identify their Maxum bat based on its color, but parents who have not yet purchased a Maxum for their youth hitter can do some scouting of their own to see just how effective the bat is in a game situation.

When you know the Maxum’s color scheme, you can see how other youth hitters who are the same approximate size as your youth hitter handle their Maxum. That is the kind of information you can use to make sure that you get a Combat Maxum that your youth hitter can really use.

The full line of Combat bats is color-coded and that makes them easier to pick out. The Combat color scheme is:

Black base with green print is a -12 bat with a 2 1/4-inch barrel
Black base with aqua prints is a -10 2 1/4-inch barrel
White base with aqua print is a -10 bat with a 2 3/4-inch barrel
White base with green print is a -12 bat with a 2 5/8-inch barrel
White base with orange print is a -10 bat with a 2 5/8-inch barrel
White base with red print is a -8 bat with a 2 5/8-inch barrel
White base with yellow print is a -5 bat with a 2 5/8-inch barrel
White base with blue print is a -3 bat with a 2 5/8-inch barrel

How The Combat Maxum Compares To The DeMarini CF8

For many years now, DeMarini has been one of the top youth bat manufacturers in the baseball world. The Combat Maxum is offered to the same group of hitters as the DeMarini CF8, but the Maxum differs in many ways from DeMarini’s popular offering.

The light weight of the Maxum allows for faster bat speeds and more control. The extended sweet spot gives hitters more of a chance at inside pitches, while also allowing hitters to be able to chase pitches outside of the strike zone. Both bats are quality products, but the light weight and precise balance of the Maxum offers something different from the DeMarini CF8.

The 2016 Combat Maxum -12 youth bat has everything a youth hitter would need to create a sustainable and successful swing. When you want your youth hitter to become comfortable with making contact and learn how to develop a strong swing from the shoulder to the follow-through, then you want to get them a 2016 Combat Maxum.