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Pros: Easton's S600C is a great all around bat for younger players. It is well balanced and easy to swing. This would be a great step up for anyone looking to upgrade from a low-end bat!
Cons: Most reviewers agree that this is a great bat for the money. There is nothing bad to say about the S600C!

The 2015 Easton S600C youth bat is a great performer that comes at a modest priceWhen it comes to choosing the right equipment for youth baseball players, nothing is more important than buying the right bat. For years, Easton has been innovating youth bats because it is the youth bats that matter the most. To make those big league baseball dreams come true, a youth hitter needs to develop the right swing at a very young age. The Easton S600C youth bat can help create the swing that could make those dreams come true.

Unfortunately the 2015 S600c is out of production. You can see the NEW 2016 S500c here!


Easton put all of its bat innovations into the S600C youth bat and the results speak for themselves. This reasonably priced piece of modern technology can help your little hitter to become a big-time slugger in no time. With the balance and precision of the S600C youth bat, your Little Leaguer is going to make plenty of headlines in the local papers.

Start With The Right Construction

When Easton introduced the CXN-0 Two-Piece Technology, the idea was to create bats that would be easier to swing and absorb the impact when the ball hit the bat. With the S600C youth bat, this technology comes together to create a lighter bat that doesn’t injure little hands when the bat makes contact with the ball. The energy of the impact is transferred up and down the bat and prevents the buzzing that little hitters sometimes get.

The lightweight aluminum alloy barrel is perfectly balanced to allow for an even and controlled swing. When your hitter swings this bat, they will be able to deliver the exact swing they wanted. The sweet spot has been extended and the barrel itself has been streamlined to make it easier to carry and swing.

Focus On The Grip

The S600C has a composite handle that is a slender diameter of 29/32 of an inch. As the bat tapers towards the handle, the two-piece construction adds to its durability and allows for the perfect transfer of energy on each contact. Easton then has its Pro Tack Grip on the handle to help little hands hold onto the bat at impact. This bat, from top to bottom, has everything youth players need to be successful.

Built For The Youth Game

The S600C is made with aircraft-grade aluminum that is meant to stand up to any kind of abuse. While we all want our Little Leaguers to care for their equipment, you cannot be everyplace at once and that is why Easton put some extra durability into this bat.

The combination of aluminum and alloy construction utilizes several processes that Easton has perfected over the years. Not only will this bat give your youth player the control they want, but it will also last for a very long time.

Finding the ideal youth baseball bat can be a challenge to any parent or coach. A young player needs the right equipment to be able to develop good habits as they grow into their game. The Easton S600C youth bat is the ideal piece of equipment for the youth player who wants a durable piece of equipment that will also help them to develop the skills they will need to master the hitting game.