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The Prime 916 Is one of the highest rated BBCOR bats in 2016The Louisville Slugger Prime 917 BBCOR bat is a drop three bat that contains all of the new technology that Louisville Slugger has been working on for several years. This three-piece bat has all of the features you need to make solid contact, and retain control over where the ball goes. Its lightweight design means that you can use it to hit for power, accuracy, or both.

As usual, Louisville Slugger sets the standard for BBCOR bats. The Prime 916 definitely isn’t cheap, but if you can “swing” around $400 (heh, heh) then you definitely won’t be disappointed in its performance.

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Constructed for Power

The Prime 917 connects its lightweight barrel to the composite handle using TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology. This is achieved by a heating process that helps the bat to retain is durability, but also transfers energy as well. If you make bad contact with the Prime 917, then the TRU3 technology will distribute the power back into the barrel to decrease the stinging sensation in the hands, and give more bounce to the barrel.

The composite design of the bat and handle is created using the FCS (Fuse Carbon Structure) design concept that uses layers in the barrel to increase the responsiveness in the bat. As you make contact, the spaces between each layer create a trampoline effect that sends the ball further. When you make good contact on the extended sweet spot, then you will get the results you are looking for.

Another view of the Prime 916

Sizes and More Details on the Prime 917

The Prime 917 is a -3 bat that comes in lengths ranging from 31 to 34 inches. This range in lengths and weights means that you can truly choose a bat that fits your game perfectly. Power hitters can get a heavier bat with greater length, and control hitters can get the lighter bat that puts complete control in their hands.

Louisville Slugger has retained the Lizard Skins grip and upgraded it to the Lizard SkinsATM grip for the Prime 917 bat. This new SkinsATM grip has a more tactile feel to keep the bat in your hands, and a softer cushion to add comfort to your swing. When you get the swing right with the Prime 917 BBCOR bat, the only thing you feel is the ball leaving your bat with all of your power going into the hit.

The balance in the Prime 917 is achieved by a precision mix of barrel weight and handle weight. When the two pieces are brought together, they are perfectly balanced to give you more control. The multiple layers in the construction of the barrel of the Prime 917 means a louder sound at impact, which can help to intimidate the other team each time you come to bat.

How Does the Prime 917 Stack up Against Easton and DeMarini’s Best Bats?

The Louisville Slugger 917 compares in every way to premium bats such as the 2016 Demarini CF8 and the 2016 Easton Mako. Both the CF8 and the Mako are recognized as two of the top bats in the baseball world, but they owe many of their features to work done by Louisville Slugger engineers. The CF8 and Mako both have energy transfer technology at the point where the barrel meets the handle, and they both use a two-piece design to their advantage. As with the Prime 917, the CF8 and the Mako also have supremely soft grips with an effective tactile feel.

The CF8 and Mako both have composite designs that offer excellent balance and performance at the point of contact, and they both have extended sweet spots that come in handy at those moments when your swing is not perfect. The one area where these three high quality bats differ is in price. While you get the Louisville Slugger version of the technology that makes a great BBCOR bat, you do not pay the Demarini or Easton prices. When compared side-by-side, these three bats are extremely similar. The exception is the money the Louisville Slugger bat saves you to get all of that prime technology.

Another difference between the Louisville Slugger and these other two quality bats is the three-piece construction offered by the Prime 917. The TRU3 technology does make the bat lighter, better balanced and delivers a smoother performance. Whether you are still developing your swing or already know how to hit the ball, the Prime 917 has a design that will bring you better results with every swing.

In 2016, the Louisville Slugger Prime 917 is prepared to be the BBCOR bat of choice for hitters all over the country. This bat is certified for high school and collegiate use, and also meets the guidelines for many of the major youth leagues in the country. The soft grip and weighted end cap give you comfort and control at both ends of the bat, while the TRU3 process makes sure that none of the energy in any swing goes unused.

You can develop the swing you want with the Prime 917 because it is forgiving and precise at the same time. Whether you hitter goes for power or accuracy, they will find everything they need in the Louisville Slugger Prime 917bat.