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Pros: End loaded design is great for power hitters and will send a baseball flying upon good contact. Lots of great feedback from owners about the new hyperskin grip.
Cons: If you prefer a more balanced bat, then you may want to consider another bat from Easton's 2016 lineup, such as the -11 or -12 versions of the Mako (models YB16MK11 and YB16MK12, respectively)

2016 Mako XL YB16MK10 Youth Bat ReviewThe Easton Mako XL is a continuation of the Mako line that has dominated the youth baseball world for years. This -10 drop weight version of the XL offers the kind of balance and precision hitters have come to expect from the Mako line, but it also packs a couple of interesting surprises that make this bat hard to resist. The 2016 Mako XL has all of the balance and control a youth hitter will need.




With each new generation of youth bats, Easton brings out the improvements and new features they are famous for that help to make their bats the best in the youth baseball world. The Easton Mako XL is an example of a bat that uses those improvements to create a hitting tool unlike any other.

The Continued Development Of TCT Technology

The engineers at Easton have become experts at applying heat to metal and creating products that youth players can really use. Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) was developed by Easton as a way to mingle lightweight materials together to get a larger sweet spot. The lighter the materials used to make a youth bat, the easier it is to create a larger sweet spot and still get the kind of balance hitters need.

With the Mako XL -10, Easton has improved its TCT technology to create an even bigger sweet spot on a bat that is perfectly balanced. The youth hitter who is still trying to develop their swing will find it easier to see success with the Mako XL because of this extended sweet spot, while the experienced hitter will enjoy the control that the lightweight barrel offers.

The new Hyperskin Grip Is Key

The handle on the Mako XL is 29/32-inches in diameter, which is the standard diameter on all Easton youth bats. Over the years, the engineers at Easton have determined that this is the diameter that gives all youth players the most control and the most comfort.

To add to the comfort and control of the Mako XL, Easton has included a 1.2 mm Hyperskin grip. This is a durable grip that is not only comfortable for the hitter, but it also adds a tacky sensation that enhances the feeling of control with each swing. With this scientifically-designed grip and the Hyperskin cover, the handle on the Mako XL offers the chance for youth hitters to find their swing and develop into confident players.

ConneXion Technology

Youth hitters tend to be more conscious of the vibration that is made when the bat hits the ball, mostly because they are still developing their game. For years, a violent vibration meant that there was poor contact, and the youth hitter paid the price for their inadequate swing. The problem with this sort of vibration on bad contact is that it tended to cause apprehension in the youth hitter, and that slowed the development of the swing.

Easton fuses together the TCT barrel of the Mako XL with the handle using a fire-based methods called ConneXion technology. The point where the barrel meets the handle is where the energy from each instance of contact is stored before it is delivered down through the handle. But with ConneXion technology, that energy is pushed back up into the barrel and added to the results the hitter gets on contact.

With ConneXion technology, the youth hitter can experiment with their swing without the fear of those violent vibrations. All of that energy is put to good use, and the hitter can focus on developing a good swing that will result in consistent results. It is ConneXion technology that allows a youth hitter to feel positive about their game, and develop the kind of swing that gets the best possible results.

The -10 drop weight means that there is a difference of 10 between the length of the bat and the weight. With -10 drop weight bats, it is easier for younger hitters to maintain control and benefit from the perfect balance Easton has created. This type of bat is also ideal for experienced hitters because it does not hamper a hitter’s style in any way.

When it is time to get your youth hitter the bat that will allow them to develop the best possible swing, then it is time to get the Easton Mako XL. With its advanced TCT barrel fabrication and the energy distribution benefit of ConneXion technology, the Mako XL is ideal for any youth hitter who wants to get the most from their game. Be sure to check out the rest of Easton’s best youth baseball bats here!