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Pros: Our highest rated youth bat for 2015. Easton has earned their reputation for making nothing but the best with their Mako series, and the Mako Comp doesn't disappoint. This one is a KILLER!
Cons: You might get sick of your team mates asking to borrow your bat. Other than that, there's nothing to see here!

Easton Mako Comp Youth Bat



From the moment that Easton debuted the first aluminum bat in 1976, the company has been dedicated to innovating the design and build of the traditional baseball bat. The youth game is where Easton has had the greatest influence and the 2015 Mako Comp -11 YB15MK will only help to solidify Easton’s position as the premier bat manufacturer in the game today.



Easton has put a few standard features into the Mako line that have been upgraded for 2015 in the YB15MK. For example, the CXN technology used to bring together the carbon bat and handle utilizes what is called Thermo Composite Technology to create a stronger overall bat. The CXN stands for ConneXion technology, which utilizes two separate components to create a durable bat with very little vibration on impact.

One of the features that Easton has become known for over the years is the large sweet spot in creates on every bat and the 2015 YB15MK takes that to an entirely new level. The longer bat and balanced weight distribution help to create a bat with a large sweet spot that can deliver the ball wherever you want it to go. The YB15MK has a larger sweet spot than the 2014 model and that can help to deliver more punishing hits.

The Easton fans who have come to rely on the proprietary Diamond Grip design will be happy to know that the YB15MK retains the Diamond Grip design to make this bat comfortable as well as balanced. The wide knob at the end of the handle allows hitters to maximize the sweet spot by extending the bat as far as it can go and still make solid contact.


The list of features on the Comp -11 YB15MK speaks for itself when it comes to showing the craftsmanship and quality that goes into creating this bat. Easton keeps improving the Mako series every year and the 2015 YB15MK shows off some features that are new to youth hitters.

  • This bat is certified by Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Pony Baseball, Dixie Baseball, AABC and the USSSA.
  • The extra long barrel is still the standard 2 1/4-inch in diameter to give maximum control.
  • The handle is 29/32-inch in diameter to offer premium comfort.
  • The two-piece ConneXion construction allows for an easy transfer of energy that takes away the sting of bad contact while improving distance and accuracy.


One of the best features of the Comp -11 YB15MK is its price. For all of the new technology you get in this innovative bat, the price falls in with the lower range of the best youth bats on the market. Easton has done everything possible to make the Mako Comp -11 YB15MK the very best value in the game.

Final Verdict

We were impressed with the Easton Mako Comp -11 YB15MK bat before we analyzed the price, but the value and features of this bat are almost impossible to beat. Whether you have a junior slugger who is just getting used to making contact with the ball or a you have the best home run hitter in your local Little League, this is the bat that they must have in their hands to get the best possible results.