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Pros: The DeMarini Vexxum WTDXVXL is a great bat for most youth players. It packs a ton of pop and the composite handle does a great job of reducing unwanted vibration.
Cons: The Vexxum has a very balanced swing, which makes it a great choice for contact hitters, but power hitters will benefit more from an end loaded bat which will send the ball farther if they can keep the bat under control.

DeMarini Vexxum WTDXVXL Youth Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Vexxum is made for a medium sized player as it is relatively light weight. This is a bat that I would recommend for just about any contact hitter. Due to its light weight, it is very easy to swing and the trampoline effect of the bat is extremely effective when it connects with the ball. What’s fascinating to notice is the attention to detail in the bat’s design. There are a few things that contributes to the successful design of the 2016 Vexxum.check-price-on-amazon


The bat is a single wall barrel bat. The materials are woven in such a way that it gives the barrel a significant trampoline effect that helps the ball take off in an accelerated motion, while also allowing maximum “pop” to occur.

DeMarini Vexxum bats are known for their X10 alloy in the barrel. Their designers claim that their machinery are aligned specifically to create the maximum benefit for a player. This is why they claim the inner and outer walls are shaped to provide the most effect with minimum material, giving the bat a lighter weight.

Although alloys are used on bats, the maximum effect is gained through the proper application of it, and the 2016 Vexxum has proven this by being developed with fascinating precision to gain the optimum effect of the X10 alloy. This also contributes to the advanced trampoline effect of the light weight bat, putting it higher up on the list of preferred baseball bats for high school players.

N2M End Cap – DeMarini claims that this is the lightest Cap they could possibly make. Although this might not be the lightest possible bat you could find in the market, theN2M End Cap contributes significantly to the swing.

Composite baseball bats are usually constructed with aluminum exteriors and have a carbon wall that is woven inside. These technological advancements give the player an extra advantage with the swing weight, a lower bending stiffness, an increased trampoline effect and an increased damping rate.

A player with a lot of strength would not feel the benefit of the X10 alloy embedded in the DeMarini Vexxum. A player with an average amount of muscle would surely feel the light weight being extremely advantageous when approaching the swing. The light weight gives enough control over the bat compared to handling an overly heavy bat that needs additional energy to keep rigid.

Just as any popular DeMarini bat, the X10 alloy helps prevent unnecessary vibrations after a strike. The placement of the alloy absorbs the force of the ball and transfers the energy back to it smoothly.


Selling for roughly $150, this bat gives some of the more expensive youth bats a run for their money. This would be a great bat for someone looking to take the next step up from the average $50 youth bat. It is very versatile and will definitely help to improve your hitting distance.


There is a lot to talk about the DeMartini 2016 Vexxum WTDXVXL. As a youth baseball bat, it is ideally designed. It provides a great value to the player for its price and is definitely recommended for a small to medium sized player who will benefit from a light weight bat. From design to performance I would recommend this to any baseball team, where it is sure to become a favorite.