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Pros: Breaks in fast and has an ultra comfortable swing
Cons: This isn't the cheapest bat on the market, and you could still get a high quality bat for less


Youth Baseball Bat Review - 2016 DeMarini CF8The 2016 DeMarini CF8 line of bats looks like they will be very popular, and with very good reason. The engineers at DeMarini have combined the best of existing technology with some very helpful new innovations that will deliver the solid results hitters want.

DeMarini has also spent time upgrading some of their best features to deliver a CF8 fastpitch bat that can make any hitter better and more productive.

Balanced For Maximum Results

When it comes to making the perfectly balanced fastpitch bat, the engineers at DeMarini learned a long tome ago that a barrel with a flat cap makes a bat easier to handle. That is why the CF8 line of bats has a weighted and flat barrel cap, and a larger sweet spot to create a better sense of balance. When hitters hold a CF8 in their hands, they will feel the perfect balance that will allow for an easy and effective swing with each pitch.

A closeup of the CF8's end cap

The CF8’s weighted, flat barrel end cap helps create a larger sweet spot and more balance

Extending The Sweet Spot

The DeMarini engineers have developed a feature for the CF8 line called Paradox Plus+, which is a composite material used to make a lighter bat with a larger sweet spot. For years, DeMarini wrestled with the problem of creating an extended sweet spot that did not throw off the balance of the bat and create an uncomfortable swing. The Paradox Plus+ composite material used in the CF8 line allows for that extended sweet spot without compromising the perfect balance of the bat.

Transferring Energy

2016 DeMarini CF8 - top rated youth bat

A closeup of the -10 (Balanced) DeMarini CF8 – This bat looks SICK!

DeMarini has been using fusion technology for years to help make the transfer of energy created during a swing smoother. The moment the ball makes contact with the bat, that energy must be dissipated to allow the hitter the utmost control. With the CF8 line of fastpitch bats, DeMarini has taken the transfer of energy during a baseball swing to the next level.

The D-Fusion 2.0 feature in the CF8 line does more than just dissipate the energy created when the ball makes contact with the bat; it redirects that energy and puts it to good use. The stiff D-Fusion 2.0 handle absorbs the energy from contact and redistributes it through the barrel. This allows the hitter to utilize all of the energy they put into a swing to create the best possible results on the field.

What Is Stacked Barrel Construction?

When DeMarini first introduced the idea of stacked barrel construction, many people had no idea what the term meant. But when hitters started getting improved results with stacked barrels, they started to pay attention to this new technology.

A stacked barrel is only possible with the composite construction process used in bats like the CF8 line. It is a process that creates layers in the barrel that absorb and transfer energy more efficiently to allow for a larger and more effective sweet spot. Without a stacked barrel, the sweet spot would be limited and the hitter would not have nearly as much control as they do with the stacked technology.

The -11 model of the DeMarini CF8

The -11 model of the DeMarini CF8


In the CF8 line of bats, the stacked technology has been improved to allow for more energy transfer and a larger sweet spot. The light and durable composite material makes it possible to create layers in the barrel without decreasing the barrel’s ability to make strong contact.

The layered construction of the barrel of the CF8 also puts more pop into every hit. The two layers of the barrel work together to act as a springboard that gives the hitter more distance at every point of contact. All of this technology is only available through the DeMarini line of baseball bats.

The Variety Of Choices You Need

The DeMarini line of CF8 bats comes in lengths that range from 30 to 34-inches and weights that start at 20 ounces and go all the way up to 24 ounces. Hitters can choose the size and weight that will improve their game, and bring them the control they have always wanted.

The CF8 Versus The Easton Mako Fastpitch Bats

Easton and DeMarini are considered to be the top bat manufacturers in the industry, which means that the comparisons between the DeMarini 2016 CF8 line of bats and the Easton Mako 2016 bats are inevitable. Easton makes a fine product, but the DeMarini CF8 eclipses the Mako line in a couple of key areas.

In case you missed it, check out the latest bat lineup from Easton here!

Easton utilizes composite technology for its bats, but it does not have the stacked feature the CF8 line offers. Easton bats are durable, but they do not offer that extra push on contact that hitters get from the stacked barrel of a CF8 bat.

Easton also has two-piece fusion construction where its bats meet its handles, but the Easton technology does not offer the redistribution of energy back into the barrel that is found in the DeMarini CF8 line of bats. Easton helps its hitters to have control over their swing, but DeMarini helps to take contact to a whole new level.

It is time for fastpitch players to take a look at the 2016 line of bats, which means it is time for the new features of the DeMarini CF8 line. Players will see plenty of new technology and improvements to the DeMarini CF8 line of bats, while also noticing that all of the innovations that made DeMarini a top bat manufacturer are still intact.