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Pros: The stacked double-wall construction in the barrel of the CF6, turns almost the entire barrel into a big sweet spot. The D-Fusion handle virtually eliminates any unwanted vibration, even when the sweet spot is missed.
Cons: Although many players have found this bat to be good from the start, there is definitely a break in period which is something that any prospective buyer should be aware of. After about 500 hits with the CF6, you’ll really start to see what this thing can do!

DeMarini CF6 WTDXCFL Youth Baseball Bat


When it comes to swinging a bat like the pros, DeMarini knows what it takes. DeMarini has been tinkering for decades with bat styles and construction materials to produce a stick that will stand out on diamonds across the world. The CF6 has been custom built for youth players who take the game seriously, but that doesn’t mean the bat will help only the more competitive player. This is a quality bat that will help to improve the game of anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one.



There are a handful of reasons that make the DeMarini CF6 a bat every player should consider:

  • The two-piece D-Fusion handle gives the hitter the confidence to swing away. Carbon reinforced paradox composite handle facilitates the transfer of energy between the ball and bat barrel. DeMarini’s patented thermo fused taper limits the vibration to the hands. It’s the ball that’s punished, not the hitter’s hands.
  • DeMarini’s engineers have developed an advanced construction technique that is unmatched by most manufacturers. Using Paradox composite, batters are assured a strong, but light, swing.
  • The CF6 is lighter and stronger than previous models.

Step into the batter’s box, take a few hacks and the first thing you notice is the sleek, lightweight feel of the minus 11 ounce CF6. Listen to the sound of the ball screaming toward the gap and realize the absence of any stinging vibrations. The DeMarini CF6 specifically has been engineered to eliminate those vibrations allowing the hitters to swing harder with confidence.

And talk about a sweet spot! While DeMarini’s extensive testing and research has created a space-age design that softens the impact when the bat crushes the pitch, the sweet spot offers phenomenal balance and the result is simple: the ball travels distances you might thing were impossible.

The CF6’s breakthrough two-piece handle feels like few other bats. The Geo End Cap prevents energy from being lost at the end of the bat and allows the hitter to swing harder with comfort and ease. The barrel is stronger than other models and has balanced swing weight. Add it all up and you have a stick that will make a batter smile and the pitcher feel at a disadvantage.


The cost of the DeMarini CF6 is a bit on the pricey side, but by no means is it for just the serious players. Those who have taken their swings with this model say the investment is well worth it, which is proven by statistical improvements. DeMarini’s effort to develop and include the latest features and technology will give you a chance to take your game to a higher level.

Final Verdict:

DeMarini has earned a reputation in softball circles as a name to be trusted for innovation, high performance and results. The CF6 enhances the name and is certain to make your game better, too. Engineers might have outdone themselves with the new 2014 DeMarini CF6. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, balance and power combined in one stroke, batter will fall in love with thee high-performance CF6. Plain and simple, swing away with the CF6 and feel confident that you now have the edge over the competition.
Sure, you can spend hundreds of hours in the cages with hitting instructors. Watch film after film and study your swing. But if you don’t have the right stick, your hitting instincts might never even come close to reaching their full potential. With the CF6 you will hit the ball longer distances. You will make better and more consistent contact. The ball consistently will find the bat’s sweet spot a whole lot more.