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Pros: This all-metal bat is heavier than most in its category, which results in more pop and great balance for batters with a fluid swing. It is end weighted and for those with good mechanics, the ball will feel the brunt of the punishment resulting in more home runs. This bat provides incredible pop and it won't be long before results are seen on the field and in the box score.
Cons: Some hitters will discover that the TechZilla XP is just too heavy for them to swing. Some users have said that the paint can chip and the bat can dent easily.

Anderson Techzilla XP Youth Batcheck-price-on-amazon-320p Anderson has designed a bat for the non-superstar. Average players can feel confident without sacrificing control with the TechZilla XP 2.0. Anderson engineers have created a unique all-metal frame that helps batters maintain control while generating a faster swing. The ball will leap off the bat and power numbers are certain to increase. The XP’s TaperFlex Contour and TrueFlex End Cap reduce most vibration and stinging. The barrel of the bat remains solid, locks in energy and absorbs vibration in most cases. The TechZilla XP’s length-to-weight ratio is heavy, making it a great choice for stronger swingers, but if the hitter can make the adjustment to the weight, power and consistency at the plate will follow.

The TechZilla XP 2.0’s PowerArch multiwall barrel opens the doors to great opportunities for younger hitters. The design of the TechZilla XP means a wide sweet spot while offering a superior feel. And thanks to Anderson’s commitment to technology, the ergonomic weldless knob assures comfort while reducing the chance of any hand injuries.
Features of the TechZilla XP that make this bat one that should be considered are:
* 2 1/4-inch barrel;
* Minus-9 ounce length-to-weight, which helps the hitter swing smoothly and remain in control;
* The Internal PowerArch Technology, which optimizes moment of inertia that allows the hitter to generate incredible bat speed;
* Multi-Wall All-Metal Alloy Barrel;
* SG-I Sport Grip;
* The XP’s TaperFlex Contour and TrueFlex End Cap gives the hitters confidence by locking in the energy and reducing and often eliminating vibration.

The TechZilla XP 2.0 is unlike other bats in its category when it comes to price point. It is significantly priced for the hitter who might not be the superstar on the team and is a fantastic value for those trying to hone their offensive game. It has been approved for use in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA play. Anderson stands by its marksmanship and offers a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty as well as free shipping. In fact, Anderson offers a 30-day trial period on the XP 2.0. If after 30 days you decide the bat is not for you, return it, no questions asked.

Final Verdict:
Anderson’s commitment to keeping up with bat technology is evident in the TechZilla XP 2.0, which signifies the company’s belief: Bats constructed with the newest and best technology will result in better players, better statistics and more victories, but not at an exorbitant cost. The TechZilla XP 2.0 has been designed with a grooved assembly system locking in the shell, sleeve and end cap together. The result is a bat that when put in the right hands allows hitters to maximize energy at the point of contact and meet and exceed expectations with jaw-dropping performances.¬†Anderson products have a track record of being solidly built and the TechZilla XP 2.0 doesn’t disappoint.