• Performance
  • Value
Pros: Good performance at an inexpensive price point.
Cons: This bat might not compete with the top-of-the-line models out there, but is a great upgrade for anyone looking for a serious youth bat.

Louisville Slugger youth 2016 Omaha 516 - A perfect mid-level bat to elevate your gameWhenever a baseball player thinks about Louisville Slugger bats, the image of some of the finest wooden bats ever made come to mind. The Louisville Slugger company has spent years cultivating a reputation for being an innovative company that is ahead of the curve when it comes to bat technology.

When Louisville Slugger started making aluminum and composite bats, the whole world was interested. Now that Louisville Slugger has perfected bats made from materials other than wood, baseball players around the world patiently await the next product release from this iconic company.

Most of the premier bat makers are putting out their 2016 lines of products and Louisville Slugger is no different. But where Louisville Slugger separates itself from the competition is in the way the company constantly updates and improves its lines of youth bats. The 2016 line of Omaha youth bats is highlighted by the new Omaha 516 that promises to be something that little sluggers around the world will be clamoring for all year long.

Giving Young Hitters The Control They Need

Louisville Slugger has learned that youth hitters have very different needs from older players. For example, while balance and bat weight are important to any player, it is especially important to a youth player who is still developing into their body. That is why special attention is always paid to bring balance and control to the Omaha line of bats.

The Omaha 516 is the lightest Omaha bat ever made. Thanks to an innovative use of the 7U1 alloy, Louisville Slugger was able to develop a bat that feels comfortable throughout the entire swing for young hitters. With its focus on balance and groundbreaking weight, the Omaha 516 is a bat that your little slugger will be able to control from the moment they take it off their shoulder right through their follow-through.

Legal Advantages

As with all over Omaha bats, the Omaha 516 is certified to be used in all of the major youth leagues in the country. To help give your youth hitter an advantage, the Omaha 516 comes with an extended sweet spot that creates a legal advantage each time your player heads to the plate.

The barrel of the Omaha 516 is 25 percent longer than any previous Omaha models, which creates a much larger sweet spot. The reduced weight of the 7U1 alloy has allowed Louisville Slugger to innovate the youth bat industry again by giving your hitter the kind of power they never thought they could have.

TRU3 Makes This Bat Elite

When Louisville Slugger introduced its innovative TRU3 three-piece construction method, it was easy to see how this would change the game. The TRU3 process creates a more durable bat and gives the feel of a one-piece bat from handle to barrel.

The Omaha 516 uses TRU3 technology to give your youth slugger more control on contact and inspire a more natural swing. The tapered handle with its tacky grip delivers nothing but real power and the use of TRU3 technology makes this bat the only one your slugger will ever need.

When youth baseball players are just getting started, they want a bat that feels light in their hands, but offers the power they need to make good contact. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 is the ideal bat for your youth hitter and it can be the edge that your hitter needs heading into the 2016 season.