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Pros: The S500C provides a lot of value at a low price point. This is our pick for the best youth baseball bat under $100 for 2016!
Cons: Owners of this bat seem to be very happy, and it's not easy to find any real cons of the S500C.

One of the best kids baseball bats of 2016 - Easton s500c If you’re looking to step up to a high performing bat, but on a realistic budget, you should highly consider the new 2016 Easton S500C. All of the advanced features that Easton puts in its higher end bats can help any youth hitter to become better at making contact, but those bats are not always within every parent’s price range.

Stellar quality at a good price make the 2016 Easton s500c one of the best kids baseball bats of the year.


Easton understands the need for an economy bat that delivers results, and that is why they created the Easton S500C youth baseball bat. This is a bat that incorporates some of Easton’s most innovative features and uses some very modern materials to create a tool that fits any budget. When you are looking for a bat that gets the job done without breaking the bank, then you are looking for the Easton S500C.

The Easton S500C Could be the Best Youth Baseball Bat Under $100

The core of any good bat is a balance between lightweight materials and a strong sense of durability. With the S500C, that balance is maintained by aluminum designed for use in aircraft construction. When it comes right down to it, you cannot get any more modern than to have jet building material be the foundation of your youth bat.

The use of aircraft aluminum is not a novelty that Easton came up with; it is a practical approach to solving two very prominent problems in bat development. For youth players, every bat has to be as lightweight as possible to give the hitter control over each swing, but the material must also be durable enough to last for many years. Aircraft aluminum was designed to withstand a tremendous amount of abuse, but it is also extremely lightweight.

By using this material, Easton has been able to extend the sweet spot without throwing off the balance of the S500C. Hitters now have a bat that is lightweight, durable and perfectly balanced. The extended sweet spot means better contact every time.

Using The Energy Created

The only way that Easton could improve on a lightweight bat that offered a large sweet spot was to develop a way to utilize all of the energy generated with each contact to push the ball further. Youth hitters can always use a little help in turning bad contact into good contact, and that is exactly what the S500C can do.

Easton developed its ConneXion technology a few years ago to help reduce the vibration from each instance of contact, and find a way to distribute that contact energy back into the barrel of the bat. Easton uses its heat-based ConneXion technology as a way to fuse together the bat handle and barrel in such a way that all of the energy from every instance of contact is redistributed into the barrel.

The end result of the the use of ConneXion technology is that the vibration normally felt on bad contact is almost eliminated, and all of the energy from each contact is put into the barrel to improve ball flight. All your youth hitter has to do is make contact with the ball, and the S500C does all of the work from there.

Sizes And Grips

The Easton S500C comes in lengths ranging from 28 to 32-inches, and weights that range from 16 to 20 ounces. There is an S500C for every youth hitter, and this is the kind of bat that youth hitters can grow into over time.

The grip on the S500C is only 29/32-inches in diameter, which gives the ultimate in control to your youth hitter. The special tacky grip is padded to allow for the perfect grip, and to give your hitter the maximum amount of comfort at all times.

A Bat For All Leagues

Easton takes special care to make sure that all of their bats meet the criteria for acceptance by the major youth baseball leagues around the country. The S500C meets the acceptance guidelines for USSSA, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball and Pony Ball. No matter what league your little hitter plays in, the Easton S500C is a bat that will be there to help get the best results possible.

Easton is a company that has always worked to offer innovative products to all of the little sluggers around the country. Engineering and manufacturing youth bats requires an understanding of what youth players need, and then finding the materials and methods necessary to meet those needs. Many companies try to get youth players the bats they need to make good contact, but only Easton succeeds in helping hitters at every level to improve their game.

With the S500C, Easton has been able to give youth hitters space-age technology at a price everyone can afford. The perfect balance and extended sweet spot in the S500C make this the ideal bat for any youth hitter who is learning how to make contact, or any youth hitter who is looking for extra distance with each swing.

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