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2016 Easton S2 YB16S213The 2016 Easton S2 is the bat a lot of youth baseball players and parents are talking about, and with good reason. This is the bat that is going to give the power and control to hitters that they have been asking for, and that will create enough energy on contact to put the ball into play every time.

The engineers at Easton are dedicated to developing bats that not only give youth hitters the satisfaction of putting the ball into play, but there is also a need to create bats that make hitters better. Youth hitters are still learning how to properly swing a bat and utilize their power to get the ball into the outfield, and the 2016 Easton S2 is the next generation of bats that will give youth hitters the developmental tools they need to become better hitters. Click here to check the current price of the 2016 Easton S2 on Amazon.                                                                                              

Using Proven Building Techniques

The 2016 Easton S2 is an extension of the engineering that Easton has been developing for decades. When you pick up the S2, the first thing you notice is how lightweight it is. When you swing the S2, it is obvious that this is a stiff bat that is able to make good contact with every swing.

Easton uses its HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy for the barrel of the S2, and that means that this is a light bat with plenty of support in the sweet spot. The HMX Hyperlight Matrix Alloy is a combination of metals put together in such a way that there is plenty of air between layers to enhance contact. That means more distance with each swing, and more accuracy for better results.

Easton then uses its special heat-based ConneXion technology to bring the bat barrel together with the SIC carbon handle. The ConneXion technology makes this bat feel like one piece, which means that you have nothing but the ultimate control in your hands with every swing.

Utilizing the Energy from Each Incident of Contact

The SIC carbon handle and the ConneXion technology work together to redistribute the energy from each incident of contact to give your youth hitter better results. This redistribution of energy creates two effects that have made Easton bats the preferred bats of youth players all over the world.

With the energy from contact redistributed into the barrel, the resulting hit comes off the bat with more speed. As the hitter learns how to place their hits where they want them to go, the added energy from each hit means stronger results and more on-base opportunities.

The other benefit of the redistribution of energy is that there is no vibration in the handle on contact. That buzzing sensation that tends to throw off a lot of youth hitters no longer exists, and that allows hitters to swing away without any apprehension.

New and Improved Grip

The engineers at Easton try to make improvements to their youth bats each year that enhance the experience for youth hitters. Every once in a while, an Easton improvement earns the right to be called innovative. The new and improved grips being offered on the 2016 Easton S2 are not only innovative, but they will change the way your youth hitter approaches every at-bat

The grip on the S2 is very thin at 29/32-inches, and made from a composite carbon material that makes it extremely stiff. The innovation comes in with the new 1.2 mm Hyperskin grip that is extremely thin, but also very durable. The thin grip allows the hitter to feel the sensation of contact, and get much more out of the actual act of putting the ball into play.

Certified and Ready for Play

One of the elements of design that the Easton engineers have to be careful with is making sure that their new innovations stay within the bat criteria for the major youth baseball leagues in the United States. It does not do a youth hitter much good to have a great bat, and then not be able to use it because it is not certified for play.

The 2016 Easton S2 is certified by all of the major youth baseball leagues in the country, including Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, USSSA and Pony Baseball. That means that parents can buy their little hitters the 2016 Easton S2 with confidence knowing that all of the developmental benefits of using this bat will be well within the rules of their hitter’s youth league.

It is time for youth hitters around the country to start choosing their new bats for 2016, and Easton has the solution that every youth hitter needs. With its expanded sweet spot, perfect balance and lightweight design, the 2016 Easton S2 youth bat is the perfect learning tool for any youth hitter who wants to get better results at the plate.

The engineers at Easton have taken the buzz of bad contact and turned it into extra energy on every hit. With its innovative material alloy, the barrel of the S2 is easy to swing and durable on contact. The Easton S2 is the only bat your youth hitter will need in 2016, and it will also be one of the most prominent bats you will see on the field of play this summer.

Have fun, and be sure to check out the rest of Easton’s 2016 youth baseball bats here!