Baseball Bat Review: 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw DXVDLThe 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is what hitters call “hot out of the wrapper.” In other words, this bat does not need any time to warm up before it performs at its best. Results and player feedback shows that hitters from ages seven to 12 are finding that their hitting improves when they use it.


DeMarini has been making alloy bats for some time now, and the company keeps making a name out for itself in the youth bat market. Some of the features of the 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat might look familiar throughout the youth bat industry, but hitters can rest assured that this is a bat based on the best engineering that DeMarini has to offer.

What Gives the 2016 Voodoo Raw so Much Pop?

One of the main reasons why so many hitters and their parents are taking notice of DeMarini bats like the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is the special alloy DeMarini has developed to create that balance between durability and control.

DeMarini’s X12ATM alloy is strong throughout the entire bat, but it is a thin alloy that allows the bat to be very light. Even at its thinnest, this allow can withstand the abuse that goes with playing the game of baseball. Parents are saying that their children who play in multiple baseball leagues are using the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat and getting premium performance out of it.

A big advantage youth hitters get with the X12ATM alloy is that the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is just as strong near the handle as it is at the sweet spot on the barrel. This means that bad contact will not damage the bat, and it also gives your hitter a chance to turn an inside pitch into at least a base hit with every at bat.

The barrel of the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is a standard 2 1/4-inches in diameter, which makes this bat feel comfortable to any youth hitter. This is a -13 drop weight bat, which means that your hitter gets a long barrel without the extra weight. It all starts with the alloy for DeMarini, and the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is an example of the lightweight alloy working together with the rest of the bat to create an ideal hitting tool.

Perfectly Balanced for a Comfortable Swing

When DeMarini says that the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is perfectly balanced, it means that the bat is balanced in favor of the hitter. The slightly loaded end cap on the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat helps your young hitter to bring the bat through the swing completely, and also creates an effective follow through. Easton has a great video on their site that explains the difference between balanced and end-loaded bats.

The end cap also helps your hitter to develop good hitting habits such as keeping the bat up as the pitch comes in, and making sure to feel the follow-through before letting the bat go. After just a few games with the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat, your youth hitter will develop the kind of good swing habits that will last them a lifetime.

The Voodoo Raw Hits Like a Single-Piece Bat

Along with perfect balance, the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is also known for its perfect distribution of energy. DeMarini uses its D-Fusion 2.0 technology to make sure that the composite handle and alloy barrel feel like one piece in your hitter’s hand. The benefit to having the same characteristics of a single-piece bat is that the bat is stiffer on contact, and easier to control throughout the swing.

Hitters all over the country are getting more pop when they make contact with the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat, and they are also getting more distance thanks to the trampoline effect that aluminum bats are known for.

The D-Fusion 2.0 technology takes the energy from contact and redistributes it into the barrel. Not only does this lower the sting that can come from bad contact, but it takes that energy and turns bad contact into great results. It is the kind of engineering DeMarini is known for, and it is the type of feature that makes the Voodoo Raw a pleasure to swing.

The Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified, which means that it is compatible with most youth leagues around the country. Parents know that there are subtle aspects of a youth player’s game that give them confidence as they develop. A bat that can turn bad contact into a good hit and help redistribute the energy of bad contact away from the hands gives a hitter confidence. When your hitter gets to the plate and hears that loud pop when they get a hold of a pitch, the smile you will see is something you will remember forever.

The Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat comes as a -13 drop weight bat that comes in lengths that range from 32-inches down to 28-inches. When you want to get your youth hitter the best possible tools to improve their game, then you want to get them the Voodoo Raw youth baseball bat.