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Pros: Demarini has put all they've got into making the 2015 CF7 a truly amazing bat. This baby will be sure to turn the heads of some Mako owners and might even make them second guess their investments.
Cons: You'd be hard-pressed to find many faults with the CF7, but since it is so balanced, power hitters might prefer the extended barrel of the 2015 Easton Mako.

2015 Demarini CF7 Youth Baseball Bat


Demarini has taken their years of engineering expertise and made a truly awesome youth bat with their new CF7. For 2016, they’ve created a bat that is sure to become the favorite of many due to it’s light weight and fast, comfortable swing. While the differences may not be vast between the new CF7 and last year’s CF6, they’ve made some great improvements where it counts.




The CF7 is a two-piece, fully composite bat and is said to have the lightest swing out of all of it’s competition. It’s Paradox Plus composite barrel makes this fast swing possible and provides a ton of pop.

Anyone who’s taken a few swings with the CF7 will tell you that it is an ultra comfortable bat. One of the biggest reasons for that would be the design of the new D-Fusion FT (Flame-Tempered) handle, which takes all of the energy that would normally travel down the bat and to your wrist, and redirects it right back up to the barrel. Not only does this result in a more powerful hit, but it means you won’t feel any sting when you connect with the ball. They’ve taken an already great design and managed to make it even better.

In addition to the new D-Fusion FT handle, Demarini has also managed to make this one of the most balanced bats on the market today. Their new Low Pro end cap helps to accomplish this by contributing to a smooth swing and making this bat even a bit more balanced than the popular 2014 CF6.


  • The RCK (Really Cool Knob) helps the CF7 feel comfortable in your hand and aids your swing with a super-solid grip.
  • The popular D-Fusion Handle has been improved on this year with Flame Tempered technology for a stiffer feel with even less vibration.
  • Paradox Plus Composite Barrel – responsible for most of the CF7’s insane pop. 
  • Demarini’s Low Pro End Cap is flat and dual density to help promote a smooth and balanced swing.


Although The CF7’s pricetag is on the higher end of the scale, the insane performance of this bat still makes it a value. The bottom line here is that if you can “swing” around $280, you won’t be let down in the performance department.

Final Verdict

Players looking at this price range may also be contemplating an Easton Mako and wondering how the Mako and Demarini CF7 compare. First of all, the CF7 is a great bat for anyone. With that said, it is more balanced than the Mako and doesn’t have an extended barrel (for this reason, the CF7 is more comparable to the Easton S1). Power hitters could potentially get slightly more distance from the Mako, but at this point, it really may just boil down to brand preference. You’d be crazy not to take a few swings with the CF7 and see how it feels for yourself.