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Pros: Perhaps one of Easton's most versatile bats of 2015, the new S1 is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is easy to control and provides a light-feeling, yet solid and powerful swing.
Cons: No complaints here! Remember that all composite bats have a break-in period and could potentially become dented if used in cold weather.


Easton has been innovating the youth
2015 Easton S1 Baseball Batbaseball world for decades and the company is prepared to show just what it has learned with its line of new bats for 2015. The S1 YB15S1 is a composite, two-piece construction bat that sounds like any other bat that Easton has put out before. But the new specifications on this bat make it something special that the best hitters will definitely want to get their hands on.


Easton has plenty of its revolutionary technology that it has put into this bat. The IMX Advanced Composite Barrel creates a lightweight but durable bat that is perfectly balanced to allow for the best possible hitting results. On this bat, the ConneXion dual-component build has been enhanced by the SIC Black Carbon Handle. The two technologies together help to eliminate the vibrations that other bats create whether good or bad contact is made. With the S1 YB15S1, your slugger won’t have to worry about the sting that comes with bad contact.The barrel on the S1 YB15S1 has been extended to offer a more prominent sweet spot. The Performance Diamond Grip has been tapered to make it more comfortable to hold onto the bat and make controlled contact. With everything that Easton has put into this bat, the S1 YB15S1 offers the most control and balance of any other bat on the market. It is light enough for any youth player, but durable enough to allow anyone who makes contact to fire rockets every time.


There are so many features in the S1 YB15S1 that it can be overwhelming to look at them all. By breaking down the performance attributes of this bat, it is easier to see why this will be one of the more popular youth bats of 2015.

  • The -12 weight to length ration gives this bat a huge sweet spot.
  • The standard 2 1/4-inch diameter barrel gives this bat a familiar feel for any slugger.
  • This bat is certified by Little League, USSSA and most other youth baseball leagues around the country.
  • The IMX composite barrel and Diamond Design grip are brought together to create a bat with excellent feel and durability.
  • The balance and energy transfer on this bat make it easy to make good contact and put the ball wherever you want it to go.


A bat with features like the S1 YB15S1 should appear at the high end of any price range. But Easton has become known for offering incredible value for its bats and this product is no different. The S1 YB15S1 falls right in the middle of the price range for youth bats of this caliber, which makes it an amazing value. The performance and durability of this bat make it an excellent investment for your slugger.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to vote against an Easton bat, especially when the company continues to innovate youth baseball technology. The S1 YB15S1 is the kind of bat that can enhance any youth players’ game and get the kind of results that your little slugger wants. The comfort and balance of this Easton product make it the kind of bat that every hitter should own.