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Pros: Demarini has made a great all-around youth bat with their 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT. It is balanced and weighted just right to make it a high performer and a favorite among both contact and power hitters alike.
Cons: If you ask around, you'd be hard pressed to find any complaints about the Voodoo Overlord. Some have reported that it can get scuffed after enough time, but this bat is all about performance.

Demarini Voodoo Overlord FT Youth

Demarini has made it their goal to create lightweight, composite bats that help Little Leaguers to get the very most from each swing. The 2015 Voodoo Overlord CFL bat mixes the latest bat construction technology with the time-tested values that have made Demarini bats popular for years. This is not your average Little League bat and it is definitely something that every hitter should look into.



The Voodoo Overlord is a Paradox Plus composite bat that has some interesting features to it. The D-Fusion FT handle is actually flame treated (which is where “FT” comes from) and specially designed to feel light in the hitter’s hands. One of the other features with this 2015 model is that it is more durable, yet more lightweight, than last year’s CF6 bat. This is a drastic step up in technology and performance that will help you make contact on each swing.

The strength and durability of the bat comes from the compact carbon material that is used from the grip to the end. The end of the Voodoo Overlord is a dual density flat cap that is designed to maintain a consistent weight throughout the entire sweet spot.

The handle has what is called an “RCK” end to it, which translates to a Really Cool Knob. Because the handle is flame treated to the body of the bat, it reduces vibrations and allows for a more natural feel. This bat has been perfectly balanced and designed to make it easy to swing and easy to control for those moments when a bunt could drive in the winning run.


The 2015 Voodoo Overlord comes packed with several new features and some upgrades to last year’s models. The best test for the Voodoo Overlord is to put it in your hands and try it for yourself, but the specifications of this bat make it easy to see why it is going to be so popular in 2015.

  • “RCK” Knob technology is designed to create a comfortable grip that allows the bat to feel comfortable all the way through the swing.
  • The 2 1/4-inch barrel gives every hitter a sense of continuity with other standard, Little League bats.
  • Demarini uses what is called Half and Half technology to create a perfect balance between the handle and the bat itself.
  • The FT (flame tempered) handle is stiffer than last year’s model and this helps to significantly reduce vibrations on impact.
  • The specially designed end cap is created to distribute weight evenly throughout the bat and bring a balanced feel to every swing.
  • The thermo-fused taper of the handle helps to keep all of the power and energy in the sweet spot of the bat.


The Voodoo Overlord is officially approved by Little League Baseball and it also meets the requirements for every other youth baseball organization in the country. Innovative technology does not come cheap and the Voodoo Overlord does check in at the higher end of the price range for youth bats. But its price is not outrageous and it offers tremendous value for the price.

Final Verdict

Youth players looking for a bat that is easy to swing and takes the sting out of making bad contact with fast pitches need the Voodoo Overlord. A power hitter can benefit from the tremendous balance in this bat and the durability of the bat means that players can get used to using it and not worry about having it snapped in half by an inside fastball. For the price, it is extremely difficult to beat the specifications of the Voodoo Overlord and we strongly recommend this bat to youth players at all levels.