New 2016 DeMarini CF8 Baseball Bat Reviews

Overview of the new 2016 DeMarini CF8 Family of Bats

2016-demarini-cf8-smIn 2015, the CF7 line of DeMarini bats revolutionized the industry. The heat fusion method used to strengthen the connection between the handle and the barrel allowed hitters to transfer energy back to the barrel no matter where contact was made. The Voodoo Overlord FT was a bat that expanded the sweet spot and helped hitters to retain control over where the ball went. Hitters thought that life was good in 2015 and it would be hard to top it. In 2016, DeMarini is ready to make life even sweeter.

The 2016 CF line of DeMarini bats are available and it is immediately apparent that the CF8 offers so much more than what the top rated CF7 offered. If you thought that the CF7 gave you everything you needed to dominate the plate, then you are going to love what the CF8 can do for your game. There is a lot for hitters to look forward to with the 2016 line of CF8 DeMarini bats. So, let’s take a look at the new lineup!

WTDXCF8 – A Fastpitch Player’s Dream

The 2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCF8 fast pitchThe WTDXCF8 was designed for the college or pro level fastpitch softball hitter who needs the extra control and power that this bat has to offer. The barrel has been shortened to 12 inches to help put more control in the hitter’s hands. With the new D-Fusion 2.0 technology in the handle, this bat can help any fastpitch player to get more from each contact.

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WTDXCFF CF8 – Balance and Power

2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFFAny elite hitter will definitely notice the difference between the -9 in this bat and the -10 in the CF7 and other popular models. Once again, DeMarini has taken a chance on a design that is going to change the way that people play the game. The barrel is the traditional 13 inches, but the extra one ounce in bat weight makes this bat easier to turn and offers more power on contact. As with every DeMarini bat, the WTDXCFF is perfectly balanced, which makes those specification changes that much more powerful.

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WTDXCFP CF8 – Best Youth Bat of 2016

2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFPDeMarini is constantly looking for ways to help young hitters improve and the WTDXCFP CF8 is one of the tools that young hitters can use to make better contact. This bat has the popular -10 drop and is perfectly balanced, but the new D-Fusion 2.0 technology means that more of the energy from a missed stroke goes right back into the barrel.

Young hitters can feel the power of a good hit and feel the energy of a bad one. Either way, young hitters or experienced hitters will get everything they want out of this bat thanks to the newest innovations from DeMarini. This is almost guaranteed to become one of the best youth baseball bats available.

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WTDXCFI CF8 Insane – The Name Speaks for Itself

2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFI InsaneWhenever a respected bat innovator like DeMarini decides to put the label of insane on one of their bats, you know that the bat is something special. For people familiar with DeMarini bats, the Insane label is not new. However, the changes DeMarini has made to the CF8 line of bats makes the Insane something very special. The weighted end works in concert with the stronger composite and D-Fusion 2.0 handle to create the ultimate hitting experience.

The end cap is cupped to allow for better air flow and the 13 inch barrel is enhanced by weight distribution. The handle length varies depending on which Insane you buy, which is just another way that DeMarini offers complete control over each swing.

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WTDXCFA CF8 Slapper – Take Control

2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFA SlapperDeMarini engineers know that not every batter is right-handed and not every batter likes to swing for the fences. The Slapper has a special 14 inch barrel with a -10 drop and perfect balance that allows slap hitters to get everything they want out of every swing. DeMarini takes the time to design bats for every kind of hitter and the Slapper is proof that the CF8 line of bats will be the best in play for 2016.

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2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFH HopeDeMarini considers every baseball park to be part of its community and the company is always looking for ways to support everyone in the DeMarini community. The CF8 Hope is a standard 13 inch barrel bat with a -10 drop, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Hope go towards breast cancer research. This is not a limited time promotion; this is something DeMarini will do for as long as the Hope is sold.

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WTDXCFS CF8 – The Perfect Bat for Younger Players

2016 DeMarini CF8 WTDXCFS - One of the best youth bats available now for 2016!The -11 drop on this CF8, along with its perfect weight distribution, make this bat the ideal learning tool for young hitters at any level. The bat offers excellent control for those who are new to the game and young hitters who are working to find their stroke. The -11 bats have been a popular innovation by DeMarini and this 2016 model is even better.

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New Improvements and Differences Between the CF7 and CF8

What has DeMarini changed with the CF8? Let’s start with that scientifically-designed handle that we talked about earlier. As efficient as the CF7 was at transferring energy thanks to the D-Fusion process, the CF8 has added a whole new element to do even more when the bat makes contact with the ball.

The new carbon core to the CF8 handles helps to disperse the energy quicker and put an extra punch in the barrel that was not there before. DeMarini is calling it D-Fusion 2.0 and it is a process that stiffens the handle and makes the bat much more responsive to the hitter’s commands.

The CF7 saw the improvement of the Paradox +Plus composite material to offer a stiffer barrel and a more durable bat. DeMarini went back to the drawing board and reinforced the Paradox +Plus material to make it even stronger and more responsive. The material used for the CF7 was designed to allow for a faster and more controlled swing, which hitters fell in love with. The Paradox +Plus material in the CF8 offers more control and cuts through much easier to give you the maximum speed for your swing.

DeMarini has been innovating the baseball bat for so long that the company does not know what it means to stop engineering. In 2016, the new line of DeMarini bats will help hitters to improve their swing, help young hitters to find their game, and even help people with breast cancer to maybe find the answers. With Easton’s new line of bats for 2016 just around the corner, it will be interesting to see how they compare. All in all, it looks to be a great 2016 from DeMarini.