Easton Power Sensor Review

This One Training Tool Will Make a HUGE Difference in Your Swing – Easton Power Sensor

Easton Power Sensor Review

The power sensor is the best swing analyzer available
The power sensor attaches to your bat and gives you instant statistics so you can improve your swing in real time

Sports and science have been working together for years to help college and professional athletes improve their skills. Baseball teams and players have been using science to track and improve player performance for years, but it has been difficult for the average player to get a hold of information that can really help their game. All of that has changed thanks to the introduction of the Easton Power Sensor. Now any player of any age can have the latest technology to help them profile and improve their swing whenever they want.

What The Easton Power Sensor Is And What It Does

The actual Power Sensor unit is very small - it fits securely on the endcap.
The actual Power Sensor unit is very small – it fits securely on the endcap.

The Easton Power Sensor (check price on Amazon) is a device around the size of a bottle cap that can be securely installed to the end of any bat to measure swing performance. Players can use the bats they are most comfortable with to measure bat speed, hitting efficiency, and other important statistics that can be used to develop better hitting techniques.

The Easton Power Sensor is secured to the end of the bat handle using an adjustable, plastic harness that can be easily removed. The sensor remains in place and sends data to a mobile phone app that can be installed on your Apple mobile computing device. This simple system allows you and your coach to analyze your data and improve your swing.

What Does The Easton Power Sensor Measure?

The Easton Power Sensor measures critical data such as:

  • Swing velocity
  • Velocity direction
  • Energy transfer ratio
  • Swing timing
  • Time to ball contact
  • Bat whip ratio

An exclusive feature of the Easton Power Sensor is a statistic called the Blast Factor. This is a number derived from combining the swing’s power with its efficiency to develop an overall rating that players can use to judge their swing progress. The player’s Blast Factor will improve as their swing becomes more efficient and the power improves. This is an excellent way to measure how well the player is making contact with the ball, how often the player is making contact, and how often the player gets the hitting results they are looking for.

How The Easton Power Sensor Can Improve Your Game

The power sensor is the best swing analyzer availableWhen you use the Easton Power Sensor to evaluate and improve your swing, you can start to see the origins of the statistics that hitting coaches use to help players make better contact. Swing speed and hitting efficiency are two critical statistics that can be improved on and controlled to help the player to get better results. With the Easton Power Sensor, you can see exactly how those statistics are measured and use that information to improve your swing.

The Easton Power Sensor can show you exactly where your swing needs to be changed, and then it can help you chart your progress by storing data and comparing your swing from day to day. You can use your mobile computing device to video record your swing and then utilize the Easton Power Sensor software to help you analyze that video using the data that has been collected.

You can monitor your swing whenever you want and capture all of the pertinent data you need to help make improvements. You can also use the data collected by the Easton Power Sensor as a starting point for working with a new hitting coach. The data you have collected allows you to show a coach exactly what type of swing you have, and what types of improvements you have made in the past few weeks or months.

Make The Easton Power Sensor Part Of Your Routine

Unlike other swing tracking tools, the Easton Power Sensor does not force you into a swing that makes you uncomfortable. The Sensor is compact and lightweight, which means it can be installed on your bat without causing you to change your swing in any way. The Easton Power Sensor gives you an accurate representation of your real swing because you can use your own bats to collect the data.

Any hitter who is looking to make better contact and develop better control over their swing is going to want to make the most of every training session. With the Easton Power Sensor, you can regularly collect data that will help you to see where your swing needs improvement. You can use the data you collect to gain more control over your game and get the kinds of results you want. This is a great tool for hitters of any age to get an accurate profile of their swing and then determine the best ways to improve their game.

Easton Power Sensor
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