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Best Youth Composite Baseball Bats

Standing on home plate, there is one thing you need to be able to rely on. Your bat. Composite bats started to make a dent in the market in the early 2000s. Manufactured with high-tech carbon fiber, these lightweight, robust, and flexible bats are becoming increasingly popular.

Best Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Who hasn’t been at bat and wanted a little extra power in their swing? There’s a lot of different baseball bats out there. Choosing the right bat is one of the most crucial decisions a player can make. Big barrel bats offer girthier options, with a larger

Top 5 Best Youth Big Barrel Bats

A youth baseball player in today’s world has so many advantages over the pioneers who were developing the game through the years. With technology advancing the way it is, youth players have the very best equipment to choose from that will help their games to develop. When it

Anderson TechZilla XP 2.0

Anderson has designed a bat for the non-superstar. Average players can feel confident without sacrificing control with the TechZilla XP 2.0. Anderson engineers have created a unique all-metal frame that helps batters maintain control while generating a faster swing. The ball will leap off the bat and

DeMarini Vexxum WTDXVXL Review

The DeMarini Vexxum is made for a medium sized player as it is relatively light weight. This is a bat that I would recommend for just about any contact hitter. Due to its light weight, it is very easy to swing and the trampoline effect of the