Best Youth Composite Baseball Bats

Composite baseball bats are high quality bats made from a reinforced carbon fiber polymer aka composite. This material can be used in making parts or the entire bat. Baseball players and fans all over the world frequently argue about aluminum and wooden bats vs. bats made from composite. Whatever may be the case, we believe that each player and fan is unique and has his/her own preference.  Composite Bats began to give serious competition to aluminum bats during early 2000. These days, there are numerous different types of composite bats available in the market; bats with composite handles and aluminum barrels, bats with composite outer shells and over aluminum barrels and even some all-composite double-wall bats.

1) Easton MAKO TORQ

When it comes to high end baseball bats, Easton is the first name that pops into mind. Easton was one of the first manufacturers who introduced the idea of rotating grip and this is seen in the Easton MAKO TORQ. This two-piece fully composite bat contains a revolutionary spinning handle that enables better hit and high performance. To put it simply, unlocked wrists mean longer chance for the bat to hit the ball since the extension on the plane of contact, thus better hits.

The TORQ technology helps you keep the barrel no-plane longer through the hitting zone, so you can hit the ball with more backspin. This rotating joint maximizes the energy transfer while also eliminating any unwanted vibrations.  TCT Thermo Composite Technology gives this bat a massive sweet spot, while also being light enough to ensure perfect balance. Easton has once again succeeded in manufacturing an exceptional hitting bat while also being in compliance with the youth league guidelines. Every review loves this bat though some do complain about vibrations at elite pitching. The MAKO TORQ has a 21/4 inch barrel diameter and a -10 length to weight ratio. The MAKO TORQ is classified as a very “aggressive” bat due to its hitting power.


The MAKO COMPOSITE youth baseball bat is also the creation of Easton and provides the young ones with the marvels of hitting easy home runs. What sets apart this bat from all the other bats? The TCTATM Thermo composite technology. The TCTATM provides the players with the benefit of having more barrels in the hitting zone and unparalleled bat speed while also maximizing the energy transfer of the swing.

The bat comes with a built-in HYPERSKINATM grip which combined with the balanced design ensures the perfect shot. The bat is a two-piece build using ConneXion technology and has a 100% composite design. It contains an End-Loaded swing weight which gives you extra power on the swing. It has a 29/32” composite handle and a 21/4” barrel and is also USSSA certified. The MAKO COMPOSITE Bat is considered to be one of the most popular bats in the game.

3) COMBAT PG4 110

The COMBAT is one of the biggest names in the baseball bat manufacturing industry and of their most amazing products is the PG4 110 is one of the classical bats of the COMBAT brand. The PG4 has a one-piece composite design with an exceptionally balanced swing weight. The bat is made using COMBAT’s exclusive precision molding and seamless construction technology. The barrel is made using the precision molding which is computer controlled, this maximizes the bats performance.

The seamless construction technology ensures the bat is built to last by extending its durability. These features combined give you one of the biggest sweet spots in the youth bat market. Its single wall barrel construction max’s the trampoline effect thus adding more distance on each of your swings with the added benefit of an improved bat control. It has an ultra-premium lizard-skins grip and a 21/4” barrel and is approved for most of the batting leagues.

4) COMBAT PG4 112

The COMBAT PG4 112 is very much similar to the COMBAT PG4 110 with barely any difference between the two. The 112 is also manufactured using the same precision molding and seamless construction technologies, which eliminates the weak points on the bat for max performance and a longer life. The swing weight is the same as the 110. The bat is also of composite design and has single wall barrel construction which allows the bat to reach optimal compression on contact thus adding more power to the swing.

This elite-level bat is recommended for a wide range of hitters and experience levels. The 112 has a 21/4” barrel and weighs 19-oz and is 100% composite. It is an amazing bat because of the extremely balanced swing weight and stiff flex on contact. Though the 112 may be similar to the 110 in terms of its features, make no mistake, it is still an amazing and limit-testing bat.

5) Easton MAKO BEAST

The Easton MAKO BEAST is in the 2017 series and has the biggest and most powerful composite barrel the Easton has ever made. The BEAST offers an extremely low swing-weight index which keeps the bat evenly balanced and delivers power using fast swings giving it a -12 length to weight ratio. This index was provided by extending the longest two-piece composite barrel and combining it with the game’s fastest swing speed provided by Easton’s redesigned TCT Thermo composite technology.

The extended barrel is connected to an ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle using the two-piece ConneXion technology. The BEAST provides more plate coverage and an astonishingly large sweet spot while maximizing energy transfer and eliminating the sting for optimized feel and comfort. It has a 21/4 inch barrel diameter.

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