Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats

Drop 5 Baseball Bats are essentially baseball bats whose weight is 5 oz. lighter than its length. Over the years technology has greatly impacted the way baseball game is played. Each year we see upgraded as well as new versions of baseball bats being introduced in the market. The bats are no longer made of just wood rather a whole range of new materials such as aluminum and its alloys have changed the look and feel of the baseball bat. Strict regulations have been set in place regarding the type of bat that a player can use depending upon his/her age group.

To make an informed choice it is pertinent that you should first measure yourself for a bat. Choosing the right kind of material and a good quality solid bat is also very important. However, with increasing number of choices it is often difficult to pin point the best from a given lot. Here we have shortlisted best drop 5 baseball bats based on careful evaluations and observations:

1) Easton Mako XI3 (-5) Baseball Bat

If you are in search of a bat with massive sweet spot and incredible bat speed, that is second to none, than Easton Mako XL3 is your answer. Easton is the most reliable manufacturer of high quality sleek baseball bats that are not only beautiful to look at but also generate exceptional results. Mako XL3 bat features Easton’s patented TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology.  With this technology, players are at the advantage of having more barrel in hitting zone.

Additionally, the sweet spot tends to get colossal and bat speed increases emphatically. It has -5 length to weight ratio and 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter. 1.2mm Hyper-skin material provides remarkable grip which will enable you to swing the bat smartly. This version of Easton Mako also showcases another of the company’s patented technology i.e. two-piece ConneXionATM technology which maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel. Moreover, Easton provides a full one year warranty with this bat.

2) Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 Baseball Bat

Exceptional workmanship is the hall mark of new Louisville Slugger Omaha 517. The bat promises to deliver powerful performance and the patented Louisville three-piece technology along with hybrid construction makes sure that the promise is delivered. The handle is made from 100% composite while the barrel is made from AC21 alloy. Hitting with this bat will surely be an enjoyable experience since the vibrations have been effectively reduced.

The bat swings beautifully and gives a solid feel in hands of the batter. Some additional features include massive sweet spot, 2 5/8 inches barrel , -5 Length to Weight ratio, 7/8 inch tapered handle and trampoline like spring on the handle that makes the bat substantial and the player is actually able to feel the ball jumping off the bat. The bat comes with a full year manufacturer’s warranty. You can surely leave your mark on the game!

3) Easton S650 (-5) Baseball Bat

The Easton S650 is a relatively cheap bat that promises to deliver a good game. It comes in one piece aluminum alloy range i.e. 7050 aircraft alloy. The bat is durable and provides light weight swing along with large sweet spot. The hits made from this bat will surely take the ball out of the park! Beautifully designed in bright colors, it is going to catch everyone’s eye.

This version of Easton baseball bats features 29/32” tapered handle with All Sport grip, twelve month’s warranty, USSA 1.15 BPF certified, 2 5/8 inch barrel and -5 Length to Weight ratio. Tapered handle provides exceptional feel while the cushioned grip gives comfort and control. Given the bat’s price (which is very cheap) the quality, durability and performance of this bat can easily compete with any high priced bat in the market.

4) De Marini CF Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat

When it comes to producing best bats which are light weight and remarkable batting experience, De Marini never fails to disappoint! Built within their hit line of CF family, this latest CF bat provides the lightest swinging experience that one can wish for. De Marini is a company that takes its baseball bats very seriously, which is why the company has ensured that their bat is reaching the maximum limit of allowable BBCOR and BPF regulations. This CF is an upgrade on the company’s highly successful CF6 and CF7. This bat is even more durable and the swing weight has been markedly reduced as compared to some previous versions. A nice new paint cover helps make this bat stand out in the bullpen.

Paradox plus composite barrel is the main reason behind light weight swings and maximum pop. This bat is probably one of the best bats for youths. The D-fusion Flame Tempered (FT) handle is guaranteed to reduce vibrations and redirect energy back to the barrel. RCK knob instantly makes the bat feel comfortable in your hand by providing solid grip. Low Pro End Cap is a dual density end cap which is designed to maintain ultimate feel throughout the bat.

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