Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats of 2019

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats

When the senior leagues get playing, that is when the big barrel bats come out.

People of all ages are enjoying the game of baseball and every hitter wants to have a bat that fits their style.

There are a lot of senior league big barrel bats to choose from, but we wanted to narrow it down to the top 10 to give everyone a chance to become a little more familiar with the best big barrel bats available for this year.

Best Big Barrel Bats Reviewed

 Product NameOur RatingReviews

DeMarini CF8  Barrel League Baseball Bat
DeMarini CF8 Barrel League4.5 out of 5 stars
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Easton Mako Comp Baseball Bat
Easton Mako Comp4.6 out of 5 stars
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DeMarini Voodoo Raw Baseball Bat
DeMarini Voodoo Raw 5 out of 5 stars
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Mizuno Generation Baseball Bat
Mizuno Generation4.4 out of 5 stars
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Easton Mako XL Baseball Bat
Easton Mako XL5 out of 5 stars
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Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger Prime 9164.3 out of 5 stars
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Easton S2  Baseball Bat
Easton S2 4.3 out of 5 stars
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DeMarini Uprising Baseball Bat
DeMarini Uprising4.8 out of 5 stars
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Easton S3  Baseball Bat
Easton S34.9 out of 5 stars
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Combat Portent G4 Senior League Baseball Bat
Combat Portent G4 Senior League4 out of 5 stars
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Below you will find a little bit more detail on each bat.

DeMarini CF8 Senior League (WTDXCFZ)

DeMarini CF8 Big Barrel


The DeMarini CF8 is the kind of bat that needs to be broken in before it can accommodate your specific needs.

The good news is that this bat can be broken in quickly, which means that you can use it right away.

But it has a tendency to become accustomed to the way that you swing and make contact with the ball.

While this is a great bat for people who make consistent contact, we would not recommend allowing this to be a common bat for your teammates to use.

The Paradox +Plus composite material used in the CF8 is what makes it so light, and it is also the reason the CF8 can adapt itself to your swing so quickly.

DeMarini’s D-Fusion technology helps to bring together the barrel and handle in a way that redistributes energy back into the barrel and eliminates the sting of poor swings.

The Low Pro end cap is designed specifically to give the CF8 precise balance, which allows you to develop a more accurate and consistent swing.

Easton Mako Comp (SL16MK10B)

Easton Mako SL Senior League Bat


Hitters who use the Easton Mako SL report hitting the ball harder and further than with any other bat on the market.

Easton’s Thermo Composite Technology has a big hand to play in those results by creating a bigger sweet spot, and by allowing hitters to get much more from each point of contact.

This is a -10 weight ratio bat, which means you get a big barrel without the excess weight that comes with other bats.

The perfect balance on the Mako SL and its lower weight make this bat easier to swing.

The handle has a diameter of 29/32- inches, and it is enhanced by the Hyper Skin ATM grip.

When you make contact with the Mako SL, the energy from every incident of contact is distributed right back into the sweet spot.

This is the bat for those who like to swing for the fences, and get the most out of every incident of contact.

DeMarini Voodoo Raw (WTDXVDZ)

DeMarini Voodoo Raw Big Barrel


The DeMarini Voodoo Raw uses a process called a ThermoFuse Taper, which allows for maximum hitting power all the way from the barrel to the handle.

Once you wrap your hands around the D-Fusion 2.0 handle, you will feel the comfort and control that this big barrel bat has to offer.

Even the RCKATM handle knob is designed to fit your grip perfectly and give you all of the control and power you need.

DeMarini uses its X12ATM alloy to make sure that this bat has strength and power at every point on the barrel.

Even the thinnest points of the barrel will deliver the kind of performance every hitter dreams of.

The Voodoo Raw is giving the power back to big barrel hitters, and it even creates the boom on contact that big hitters demand.

Mizuno Generation

Mizuno Generation Big Barrel


There is a great deal of science and engineering that has gone into creating the Mizuno Generation big barrel bat.

The barrel has a single wall aluminum alloy design to it that allows for consistency throughout the barrel.

The Mizuno engineers have created precisely placed areas on the barrel that are thinner than the rest of the surface to help deliver maximum pop on contact.

This helps to keep the weight of the barrel down, and gives a lot more control to the hitter.

The tacky grip on the handle offers comfort as well as the ability to determine how the bat rotates throughout your swing.

With the larger sweet spot on this bat and its synthetic leather grip, you are going to be able to develop a swing that works to your strengths.

The Mizuno Generation is designed to be comfortable in your hands, and feel natural as you come through the point of contact.

Easton Mako XL

Easton USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat


If you have a hitter between the ages of 13 and 17 that wants a bit more weight in the bat they swing, then the Easton Mako XL is perfect.

Anyone who has used the standard Mako big barrel bat will immediately feel the difference when they pick up the Mako XL. The end cap on the XL is weighted a little heavier to help bring the bat through with more power behind it.

If your hitter can handle a bat with a bit more crack to it than the standard bats on the market, then you will want to get them to start swinging the Easton Mako XL.

The Mako XL has the grip and Thermo Composite Technology design that hitters have come to rely on for a long time now.

But when it comes to balance, the Mako XL definitely tips in favor of bigger hits. Once you have tamed the Mako XL, you will get more distance out of each incidence of contact, and you can increase your potential for more home runs as well.

The 2 5/8-inch barrel is a little narrower than some of the other brands, but that is just one more reason why the Mako XL is the ideal bat for the big hitters.

Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Senior League

Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Big Barrel


When Louisville Slugger developed its TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology, it knew that it had something that was going to change the way hitters looked at composite bats.

This is technology that not only eliminates the stinging sensation that comes with bad contact, but it also creates a trampoline effect that launches the ball further. The 7/8-inch tapered handle helps to create a sense of comfort, and it is also part of the TRU3 design that makes the Prime 916 Senior League bat in such demand.

Louisville Slugger includes its Lizards SkinsATM grip on the Prime 916 to help enhance the sensation of comfort, and it brings the whole bat together with its Fuse Carbon Structure heating process that makes the handle and barrel feel like one piece.

With a big sweet spot and balanced feel, the Prime 916 Senior League bat will help to add numbers to your game, and give you the kind of results you want.

Easton S2 Senior League (SL16S210)

Easton S2 SL16S210 Senior League Bat


The Easton S2 brings together all of the technology that has helped to make Easton bats some of the most popular big barrel bats on the market.

The Hyperlite Matrix alloy creates a barrel that is both light and durable. The weighted end cap means that you have a perfectly balanced bat in your hands whenever you step up to the plate.

Users who make the transition to the S2 for the first time report hitting more home runs than they have ever hit before, and that is not by accident. The S2 is designed to deliver a better swing that results in more hits and more home runs.

The SICATM carbon handle is fused to the barrel using Easton’s heat fusion method that creates an energy channel which pushes all of the energy from each contact back into the barrel.

The design of the S2 reduces the vibration associated with each swing, and it makes those moments when the ball strikes the massive sweet spot even more memorable.

DeMarini Uprising (WTDXUP)

DeMarini Uprising WTDXUP Senior League Baseball Bat


When hitters put the DeMarini Uprising in their hands for the first time, the initial impression is that this is a very comfortable and precisely balanced bat.

The combination of the tacky feel of the hybrid performance grip and the gradually tapered handle work together to make this bat feel natural in any hitter’s hands.

This junior big barrel bat is easy for hitters at any level to handle, and it definitely makes a big impression at the plate.

The 2 ¾-inch diameter of the barrel helps to develop a sweet spot that turns any contact into a challenging hit for fielders.

This drop 12 bat is available in lengths ranging from 28-32-inches, which means that you get the length of bat you need without having to boost the weight at all.

When you need a good hitting solution at a reasonable price, then the DeMarini Uprising is your answer.

Easton S3 (SL16S310B)

Easton Senior/Youth S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat


Easton always likes to challenge themselves when it comes to innovating bat designs, and the Easton S3 is the latest innovation to come from the company that is known for delivering quality big barrel bats. The S3 is a one-piece bat that delivers all of the feel and control you would expect from that type of traditional design.

The one-piece design means that the S3 is stiff and offers a versatile sweet spot. As the bat tapers towards the handle, a hitter is still able to maintain control over each hit and get the results they are looking for.

The thing that helps this bat to be so effective is that it is made using Easton’s HyperLite Matrix alloy from end cap to handle. The S3 is perfectly balanced to allow contact hitters and home run bombers to get the best possible results.

Easton put its Hyper SkinATM grip on the S3 to make sure that the hitter experiences nothing but premium comfort from the moment the swing starts right to the follow-through.

Combat Portent G4 Senior League

Combat Portent G4 Big Barrel Bat


The design on the Combat Portent G4 Senior League bat is so precise that hitters who move up to higher weights do not notice any difference in the way the bat handles.

That means that you can get the benefit of a bigger bat, but without the feeling that you are swinging more weight.

Combat uses its single-wall construction to create a stiff barrel with a very long sweet spot. The Portent G4 eliminates much of the margin for error that other bats create with their shorter sweet spots.

One of the design innovations that Combat put into its Portent G4 is what is known as seamless construction.

This refers to the process of running reinforcing fibers the entire length of the bat to give that coherent feel that comes with single-piece construction.

This enhances the stiffness of the entire bat, and allows for a smoother feel in the grip.

The Precision Molding Technology method of computer design makes sure that the continuous feel of the Portent G4 allows for a better swing, and a balanced bat that can help anyone to make the right contact each time.

There are tons of amazing big barrel bats that are available, and hitters have more great choices than ever before.

Whether you are looking to get more from each incident of contact or you simply want to put the ball over the fence more often, you will find what you need in this year’s picks of the top 10 best big barrel bats.

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