Best Baseball Cleats for Catchers

Best Baseball Cleats for Catchers

The introduction of baseball cleats during 19th century not only increased safety but also provided competitive edge. A split second difference between running the bases or fielding a ball can be a game changer for any team. Additionally, cleats provide better traction and ankle support which helps in preventing noxious sports injuries. When it comes to baseball cleats, there are innumerable options available in the market. However, before purchasing your cleats, bear in mind that it is very important to purchase cleats that not only fit you perfectly but are also comfortable. Here is a list of best baseball cleats for catchers:

1) New Balance Men’s L4040V3 Cleat Baseball Shoe

New Balance in not a novice in the field of sports shoe making. They have been around for quite a while and have been striving continuously to make their shoes comfortable and stylish. The company has focused on research and development for years. NB L4040V3 Cleat Baseball shoes are made from synthetic material that does not wear out easily. It provides solid toe protection and debris-free tongue.

These are no ordinary cleats. The shoe was crafted based on detailed testing of the pressure and forces present under a baseball player’s foot due to their dynamic movements during the game. New Balance collected this data and created ‘NB Data Driven Baseball Platform’. The platform constitutes both the midsole and insert and is highlighted by the Drive Zone which is at the middle of the forefoot. This Drive Zone is the main point of pressure during power generation in an elite player’s foot. Furthermore, there is a no-sew Fantom-Fit upper for lightweight support and fit.

2) Adidas Men’s Adizero Afterburner 2.0 Metal Cleats

The name Adidas itself is a testimony to quality sports equipment. Adidas’ Adizero series has been especially designed to give super speed in extra light shoes.  Adidas Adizero Afterburner 2.0 Metal Cleats are protected with abrasion resistant, no-sew toe cap. Outsoles feature sprint frame plates that are made from lightweight BZM7 material.

These metal cleats are made from pearlized synthetic material that is durable; tongue has been anchored with metallic diamond mesh while the heel has been designed to provide breathability and comfort. The list does not end here, especial TPU skin has been cleverly fitted into key zones for lightweight support. Sportsmen often face problems of bad odor that forces them to change shoes frequently. With Afterburner 2.0 smelly feet will not be a problem anymore. Adidas has incorporated OrtholiteTM sock liner which provides additional comfort and combat feet odor. Dirt penetration and traction are also not an issue since the cleats are configured with PROTRAX and set in weaved design.

3) Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Franchise 7 Low Baseball Cleats

Mizuno believes in contributing towards the society through advancements of sporting goods and promotion of sports. Adhering to this philosophy, Mizuno created Men’s 9-Spike Franchise 7 Low Baseball Cleats that are lightweight, durable and super comfortable to wear. Mizuno has used patented Breath Thermo line of clothing in the making of these cleats, which generates heat by absorbing moisture to keep the player warm during cold weather.

The outsole has been equipped with 9-spikes to provide better traction and comfort. Moreover, padded tongue, full length midsole and rubber studs, all add to the shoe’s comfort and make it durable to last in any type of field. Every shoe size gives optimal fit to assuage the player so that he can fully concentrate on his performance.

4) Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleats

If Franchise 7 were good than Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleats are even better. The unique combination of synthetic leather upper with padded tongue provides unmatched comfort and durability. Full length midsole provides cushion for added comfort and also ensures a locked in fit. 9-Spike outsole with rubber stud layout, is a unique feature of ADV Franchise 8 BK. These studs provide remarkable grip and acceleration for all field types.

Mizuno has dedicated over a 100 years to excel in sports equipment manufacturing. The list of features does not end here; in fact, the cleats are equipped with Mizuno Wave Technology that give stability and cushioning which makes them excellent running shoes. These are not just ordinary stud cleats, every stud has been strategically placed along with pro flex grooves ensures optimum flex, traction and stability. Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleats are ideal molded cleats for all field surfaces.

5) Mizuno Men’s Advanced Pro Elite Baseball Cleats

Serious sportsmen who are looking for ultimate feel and performance should opt for Mizuno Men’s Advanced Pro Elite Baseball cleats. The shoes are made from premium suede that provides luxurious feeling of comfort. Outsoles give perfect stability and traction. However, these are no ordinary outsoles; their parallel design provides loftier cushioning and stability.

Some of the other noteworthy features include insoles that give perfect fit, full length midsole for maximum comfort and padded tongue for superior comfort.  Pro-Flex is a unique Mizuno characteristic that allows forefoot to flex through multi flex zones. When it comes to sports equipment Mizuno will never fail to disappoint its valued customer base.


When it comes to sports and sports equipment, shoes are the most important part of a sportsman’s kit. Right kind of shoes can make paramount difference in the kind of game that one plays. Investing in good quality shoes can help a baseball player in achieving his dreams of becoming a star player. Shoes that have low quality metal cleats have low traction, zero stability and no comfort. Furthermore, shoes designed using inferior quality material is not durable.