2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane Review

2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane Review

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Lengths: 31” to 34”

Weights: 21oz to 24oz

Bat Material: 100% Composite

2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane

Are you looking for a new bat to up your varsity high school or collegiate fast-pitch performance? The new DeMarini CF9 proves that good construction is worth the price, because this bat has some serious advantages. Like previous models (namely the DeMarini CF8 Insane), the 2017 model is an endloaded, two piece composite bat designed for fastpitch games.

Upgrades From Previous Years

DeMarini took the pluses of the previous model and made them better, without ignoring the cons either. Now, the CF9 is truly built for sound quality and performance. This model now has a Paraflex Composite Barrel. It is 2 and ¼ inches in diameter. The carbon fibers that make the barrel are 22% stronger than the Paradox+ Composite of the CF8 Insane. Another unique feature would be the double walled construction of the barrel. DeMarini made magic when they added double walled composite body, because this allows for a trampoline effect that promotes more control over aiming the ball from the moment it hits the bat to the completion of the swing.

This barrel is not only stronger, it is also lighter than last year’s model. Yet, for those seeking a lightweight bat should thus steer clear, because out of the entire DeMarini line-up, the CF9 is a drop 9, and therefore the heaviest loaded bat.

Strong players are going to love this bat for the smooth smash of the ball against the two-piece composite body. But that exhilaration will be increased when you get ahold of the D-Fusion 2.0 handle. It may be the same design from the CF8, and is still reportedly slightly stiff, but vibration is completely eliminated. This attribute makes the CF9 Insane ideal for players that have powerful swings and want to continuously hit home runs again and again.

What Makes This Model Insane?

As previously mentioned, the Insane is one of the first models to be fitted with the Paraflex composite material. It is an upgrade from previous and regular models, which have the Paradox Plus+ or similarly named compositions.

Also, there are two main differences from the CF9 Insane and other versions:

  1. Regular versions have a dish end cup, while the CF9 Insane as a Low Pro end cap.
  2. The CF9 is more endloaded than other models, adding a sweet “pop” to the end of the swing.


Although the DeMarini CF9 Insane does deserve a lot of hype and love, there are some common negative points that go against it. Aside from what has been mentioned already, such as high price and weight, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  •         Durability continues to lack. Some reports say that the end cap popped off with a couple of strong hits.
  •         Executing the warranty can be troublesome when you need a replacement.
  •         Some people complain that this bat lacks power and actually has less pop than the CF8.

In conclusion, the 2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane is a clear choice if you are willing to make an investment for a decent endloaded bat, though the price may be a bit high for someone who plays recreationally. Young, short, or those without experience to the sport are advertised to not purchase the DeMarini CF9 because it may be too heavy, or the mechanics may not be easily understood.

That said, DeMarini continues to be a line of fastpitch bats that you can trust to deliver quality every single year. The amazing features and construction deliver superior results.