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Pros: The Mako Torq is a true breakthrough in design and engineering, with a one of a kind rotating grip that allows for a more natural feeling swing.
Cons: While this bat definitely has the performance to back it up, some may find the price point on the Mako Torq a bit too high. There has also been a debate on whether or not the Torq teaches bad swinging habits, but the verdict is still out on this claim.

2015 Easton Mako Torq Youth BatEaston is a baseball equipment manufacturer that is best known for its contributions to college and Little League level play. For 2015, Easton has announced a new kind of bat technology that will revolutionize how the game is played. Easton has announced its Mako Torq line of bats and these are bats that are part of an equipment innovation from Easton that will change the game of baseball forever.




At the core of the Mako Torq’s unique design is its 360-degree rotating handle. Under normal circumstances, a batter is forced to move their hands to accommodate the motion of the bat hitting the ball. The batter is forced to think as much about swinging the bat as they are hitting the baseball.

With the Mako Torg line of bats, the bat’s grip rotates with the batter’s swing and gives a much more natural motion. Instead of forcing the bat through the pitch, the batter can get the bat to the ball much faster and make better contact. The action of the Mako Torq takes full advantage of the batter’s hand-eye coordination, upper-body strength, and timing.

The Mako Torq line of bats comes in three models; BBCOR, Big Barrel, and the Youth models. Each Mako Torq bat is made from Easton’s TCT (thermocomposite) technology. Each bat model has had its sweet spot extended to allow for more accurate placement of the ball no matter where the hitter makes contact.

One of the biggest issues with hitting a baseball is being able to get square with the pitch and get through the hitting zone in a fluid motion. For decades, hitters have had to learn how to break their wrists at the right moment to ensure the optimum speed through the hitting zone. In order to do this, the hitters had to adjust their bodies and bring the bat through in time to make contact.

With the Mako Torq, the need to adjust the wrists as the bat comes through the hitting zone is eliminated. The hitter can focus solely on eyeing up the pitch and making solid contact. The motion of swinging the bat through the hitting zone is more fluid and, therefore, much easier to do properly. By the time the Mako Torq makes contact with the ball, the hitter already has all of their power behind the swing and ready to place the ball strategically in the field, or over the home run fence.

The durable TCT material and the lightweight design of the Mako Torq mean that it will withstand any amount of punishment. This is a bat that hitters will be able to practice with for hours and then go out and use in an important game. It is a bat that uses its innovative design and its light weight to make hitting as much fun as it is supposed to be.

Hitters who are ready to take their game to the next level will want to get the new Easton Mako Torq. It is just one more example of how Easton is revolutionizing baseball and making the American pastime more accessible for players of all sizes and skill sets. The main criticism here would certainly be the hefty price, which will be sure to deter most average players. If the price tag is a bit extreme, there is still no need to worry. Even the pros will tell you that you don’t need to spend that much  money to get a top-notch bat. The 2014 Mako, for example, is still a huge performer. You can check it out here, and be sure to check out our other youth bat reviews to find the stick that will work best for you.